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How to Clean Leather Shoes

How to Clean Leather Shoes

Quality leather shoes are expensive and a treasure when found. They are luxurious yet durable. They will last for a really long time when taken care of properly. Here are tips on how to clean leather shoes. The type of care needed for each pair of shoes depends on the type of the leather. The different types of leather are specified in the following steps. If you are not sure on what kind of leather your shoes are made of, check the label or ask the consultant in the shoe store where you bought your shoes from.

  1. Clean full-grain leather

    Take a clean dry cloth and wipe down the shoes to remove any dirt and dust. Moisten the cloth with warm water and wipe the shoes again. Let the shoes air dry. They should not be exposed to heat sources like sunlight or heat vents; otherwise, the shoes will dry out and crack. Full-grain leather shoes benefit best from a high-quality cream shoe polish that has the same color as the shoes. Use a horse hair brush to apply the cream polish onto the shoes. Buff them with a clean, dry cloth for shine.

    Do not use shoe polish in silicon sprays or liquid form.

  2. Clean oiled and beeswaxed leather

    Wipe off any dust and dirt from the shoes with a dry cloth. Purchase instant leather cleaner or a similar product from any store specializing in sporting goods. Apply the cleaner to the shoes following packaging instructions. Let the shoes dry on their own and away from harsh heat. To preserve the cleanliness and quality of your shoes made from beeswaxed or oiled leather, you have the option to apply a leather protector and restorer to the shoes. The protector is composed of oils and other compounds that are not water-soluble and are made specifically for these leather types. They will keep the leather moisturized while at the same time protecting it from sudden spills and stains. Just a gentle note of warning: The application of the leather protector may darken the color of your shoes.

  3. Clean patent leather

    Patent leather is easier to clean due to its glossy finish. It is also less sensitive than other types of leather. To clean dirt and dust on patent leather shoes, use a soft cloth that has been moistened with water mixed with light soap or detergent. This type of cleaning is thorough but may dull the shine. Once the shoes have dried properly, apply a cleaner made for patent leather shoes so that the high gloss returns to the shoes.

  4. Clean suede and nubuck leather

    In contrast to patent leather, suede and nubuck leather require more caution in their cleaning due to their sensitive texture. Use a rubber eraser to clean dirt and stain from a suede or nubuck pair of shoes. Finish by buffing using a brush specifically made for these types of leather. You will notice that the leather looks two-toned when you rub in multiple directions, so just brush in one direction while applying even pressure. This type of brush also buffs the leather back to its original shine and texture. It is prohibited to use brushes with wire bristles or to apply polish on nubuck or suede leather. Protect the shoes from water and stain by spraying it with a silicone-based shoe spray.

For all types of leather except suede and nubuck, you can weather-proof your shoes by spraying them with a rain or stain repellant spray or a non-silicone shoe spray. Shoe sprays that do not contain silicone are chosen because they are less likely to change the color of your shoes. As you follow these particular methods on sk the consultant in the shoe store from where you bought your shoes. ess likely to een dippedhow to clean leather shoes, you are likely to contribute to the longevity of your shoes.


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