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How to Clean Suede Jackets

How to Clean Suede Jackets

Apparel made of soft leather is a joy to wear. You can move about more comfortably and easily than when wearing clothes made of a stiffer material. This is why many people favor suede for shoes and jackets, as this material offers both comfort and practicality, aside from aesthetic beauty and a luxuriously chic look. However, suede requires a more specialized type of maintenance and care. This is mainly because it is softer and has many open pores, which makes it more prone to getting dirty. It’s also known to absorb liquids pretty quickly. But if you know how to take care of suede apparel, such as jackets, you’ll be able to preserve its condition and wear it longer. Follow the steps below to learn how to clean suede jackets:

  1. Steam the suede jacket. The best option is a garment steamer, but if you have an iron with a built-in steamer, you can use this to lightly steam your suede jacket. Otherwise, you can simply boil a pot of water and hold the jacket high above it. Remember that the main objective is to heat the material, not moisten it.

    he heat primes the suede and makes grease or dirt easier to remove.

  2. After heating the garment, put it in a wide basin and rub some dry, uncooked oatmeal, cornstarch, or some other type of absorbent powder all over it. Leave it covered in powder overnight to allow considerable time for the cornstarch or oatmeal to absorb the grease and other substances.

  3. Bring the powdered suede jacket outdoors and brush the oatmeal or cornstarch off with a nylon brush with firm bristles. Be careful not to brush too roughly to avoid damaging the material.

  4. If you have leather or suede cleaner, you can apply this to the jacket afterwards. Make sure that you cover the entire jacket so that there won’t be uneven patches. Wait for it to dry completely before wearing it or putting it back into your closet.

  5. If oil or greasy stains are your main problem, you can sprinkle talcum powder or cornstarch on the affected spots, as these absorb the offending substance. You can also use suede leather cleaner with degreasing properties.

  6. If your jacket gets wet, use a bath towel to blot the water. Don’t give into the temptation of ironing the jacket to make it dry faster. Avoid blasting a blow dryer on it or putting it on top of a radiator—doing so may ruin the deliciously soft texture of suede and may even warp it.

  7. If your jacket has dry stains, use a soft eraser (the kind typically used in art classes) to remove the marks. You can prep the material by rubbing it with a bath towel to get the nap up and target the stain with the eraser. For stubborn dry stains, try using sandpaper of the finest grade. Just make sure you rub gently to avoid damaging the suede.

  8. Clean the interiors of your jacket with a double-sided brush suitable for suede leather.

  9. When you’re done de-staining your garment, spray on a waterproofing agent to protect your suede jacket from moisture and dirt.

Suede jackets or any other type of suede apparel may be gorgeous, but they are challenging to maintain even if you know how to clean suede jackets. As such, your best recourse is to do all you can so that your suede garment doesn’t get dirty in the first place.


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