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how to clean Teflon pans

how to clean Teflon pans

Teflon pans are generally easier to clean than other types of cookware. This is because Teflon contains a non-stick component that makes removing stubborn dirt a painless chore. Although it is easy to do, there are still guidelines on how to clean Teflon pans in a correct manner. These guidelines will not only clean your pans but also preserve their quality. Teflon, or polytetraflouroethylen (PTFE), refers to the coating used in the pan to make it non-stick. Teflon has gained popularity because it lessens the need for cooking oil, which prevents foods from sticking to pans and other cookware. You should always use a plastic spatula when dealing with Teflon. Metal cooking tools can scratch and damage the coated surface, which may affect the non-stick feature of the pans. When in doubt, always ask a sales attendant if the items you are buying are safe to use on Teflon pans. When cleaning Teflon pans, there are a few things you should know. It may sound ironic, but sometimes food will stick to non-stick pans and remain in place despite frequent washing. Read on for proper cleaning methods.

  1. During everyday cleaning, always clean Teflon properly and thoroughly to avoid possible food build up and stubborn residue. Using soap, mild water and a sponge, scrub the pan lightly and rinse well. Dry it with a towel and store properly.

  2. For any food residue, scrape the pan with a wooden spoon or a plastic spatula. It should come off easily, especially right after cooking. Rinse the Teflon, and then clean with soap and water.

  3. Though the use of oil is not always necessary, grease may remain in the pan after washing. To remove grease, pour water in the pan and add a cup of vinegar. Bring the mixture to a boil. You will see the grease mixing in the solution. Pour it out and wash with a sponge and mild soap. Depending on the size of your pan, you may need more or less than a cup of vinegar.

  4. For stubborn stuck on food, boil water with a cup of vinegar, just like in the previous step. Turn off the heat after the solution begins to boil. Scrape off the built up food, which should come off easily now. If the food remains, repeat the process and then wash as usual.

  5. Another option in removing stubborn food is to add two tablespoons of baking powder to the vinegar solution. Let it soak for five to 10 minutes. Scrub using scouring pads that are safe for Teflon pans. Rinse the pan and pat it dry with a towel.

When you use your pans correctly, you will not have any difficulty in cleaning them with just a soft sponge and mild soap.  Avoid using metal scouring pads that will ruin the non-stick coating. Use pads that are safe to use in Teflon pans. In addition, only use nonabrasive cleaning agents. Upon your purchase of Teflon pans, read the guidelines for proper care. Always use rubber, wood or plastic spatulas and never cut food in the pan using a knife. It is better to cut food on a board before placing it in the pan for cooking. In addition, excessive heat may damage Teflon products. It’s easy to follow the tips on how to clean Teflon pans. These tips will keep your pans looking new for a long time.


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