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How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears

You might often overlook how to clean your dog’s ears properly because they are not obvious areas - unless the dog is continuously scratching them due to allergies, infections, or ear mites. If you only take a look at them once in a while, you will notice that in most instances when they are clean, they are blemish-free. Occasionally, you’ll see dried scabs in black or sometimes red, especially when you do not clean them at all. The red marks can be an indication that your dog is in enormous discomfort due to the infestation of ear mites, or possibly an infection if you spy sticky fluid coming from its ears. Perform these steps in cleaning your dog’s ears:

  1. Use a cleaning solution formulated for dogs. Since the outer internal part and back of the ears are sensitive, the cotton used to wipe off the dirt must be moistened with this solution. Never attempt to clean the inner portion of the ear canals by dipping cotton buds deep into the ears.

  2. Let your dog get used to the fact that you like fondling its ears.

    is should not be a problem if you start playing with them the moment you have the puppy or dog. Give it the impression that itÂ’s your way of playing and bonding with it. If its ears are normal, they wonÂ’t be reddish in color. DonÂ’t wait for this to happen. Just wipe the surface and back of the ears with the cleaning solution, regardless if they are clean or not. Some contaminants canÂ’t be seen by the naked eye.

  3. Be gentle in removing solidified ear wax deposits in the crevices of the dogÂ’s ears. Moisten the cotton pad with the doggieÂ’s ear cleaning solution and apply to the deposits. This should make the masses smooth. When you rub them gently, they will be removed at once without hurting your dog.

  4. Apply no more than three drops of the cleaning solution using a dropper inside the dogÂ’s ears and allow them to penetrate through its ear canals by massaging the entrance of the ears. Do this without inserting the ear dropper inside the ear canals, which may cause damage. YouÂ’ll hear a squelching sound when the solution is successfully absorbed by the ears. This is for the purpose of disinfecting your dogÂ’s ears from infestations.

  5. Allow your dog to shake its head after the cleaning process. This is a great help in removing debris that is not accessible to you. Check the dogÂ’s ears again after it stops shaking its head and wipe off the dirt that comes out of the ears with a cotton pad dampened with the solution.

  6. Set your dog free after the process, but not before giving it a treat. The solution inside its ears will evaporate on its own due to the heat from the dogÂ’s body temperature. If your dog has widened ears that expose some parts of the ear canal, you wonÂ’t have to clean its ears often. Otherwise, do it as frequently as you can for unexposed ears. Bacteria like dwelling in them.

When your dogÂ’s ears are already infected with ear mites or other bacteria, seek the advice of your veterinarian on how to clean your dogÂ’s ears. The vet may prescribe a specially formulated solution that can tackle the kind of infestation occurring in your dogÂ’s ears.


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