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how to clean your TV screen

how to clean your TV screen

Many people love watching television especially since it can easily be the center of a social event with friends and loved ones. To ensure a great viewing experience, know how to clean your TV screen. Below are suggestions to clean your TV screen properly.

  1. Just like with any other appliances, always read the manual as it may contain cleaning tips. If the manual says to use a specific type of cloth or cleaner, do so. Different TVs have different types of screens, so they cannot all be cleaned in the same way. You can also check the manufacturer’s web site for cleaning tips if you don’t have the manual.

  2. If necessary before cleaning, unplug the TV and allow the screen to cool.

  3. Use a soft cloth, preferably lint-free, to remove any smudges, dirt, or dust. It is always recommended to wipe the screen horizontally and not vertically. Also, don’t use tissue, paper towels, or anything that can potentially scratch your screen and cause permanent damage.


  4. For stubborn dirt that cannot be removed with a soft cloth, use a glass cleaner if appropriate to the TV screen. Check to make sure that it doesn’t contain ammonia, which can cause permanent damage to the screen. To make the cleaner safer, you can also dilute it with some water. Do not spray the screen directly. Instead, spray a small amount on a clean, soft cloth to wipe down the TV screen. If corners of the TV have accumulated dust or dirt and you cannot clean it with a soft cloth, use Q-tips.

  5. Dry with another soft cloth.

Now that you know how to clean your TV screen, make it a habit to regularly clean the TV screen. This way, not much dirt will have time to accumulate, and cleaning will be quick and easy.


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