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How to Clear Acne Fast

How to Clear Acne Fast

Tired of seeing those annoying red bumps on your face, neck, chest, shoulders, and even your back? Fortunately, there are solutions for that, with some even allowing you to zap those pimples away overnight. Start doing just that with these tips on how to clear acne fast:

  1. It's important that you maintain a good skin care regimen to prevent the rise of new pimples while you treat your acne. You should use a mild facial wash suitable for your skin type. Harsh formulations may dry up your skin and make it overproduce sebum, which may clog your pores and result in even more pimples. Follow with toner and moisturizer that are non-comedogenic and appropriate to your skin type.

  2. Avoid heat or direct sunlight, as this may aggravate the existing acne and even encourage new growth. Stay in the shade as much as you can; otherwise, use an umbrella or wear a wide-brimmed hat when you need to step outdoors. Timing your outings during the cooler hours of the day is also another option, as well as using sunblock.

  3. Icing parts of your face helps clear up pimples pretty fast, as the cold can reduce pore size, improve blood circulation, and minimize inflammation. Don't put the ice directly on your skin; wrap it in cloth first. Ice the affected areas repeatedly throughout the day to effectively reduce swelling and stop new ones from forming.

  4. Another way to zap those zits fast is to apply products containing salicylic acid, sulfur, resorcinol, or benzoyl peroxide, which can dry up the pimples and considerably reduce the swelling overnight. Make sure you cleanse your face first before dotting the product on the affected portions and leaving it on.

  5. For best results, consider steaming your face gently in order to open your pores and make your skin more likely to absorb the active ingredients of your acne treatment. You can hold your face over a bowl of hot, steaming water for about 10 minutes.

  6. If over-the-counter treatments do not seem to work, consult a dermatologist. You may be prescribed antibiotics to combat the inflammation and kill the bacteria.

  7. Consider getting laser or light-based therapy, which are said to penetrate the deeper layers of your dermis without harming the surface. The laser treatment will damage the oil glands so they secrete less oil.

  8. In some cases, your doctor may prescribe oral contraceptives if your acne is related to hormonal changes.

  9. One of the quickest fixes to acne is steroid injections, which are typically used on nodules or cysts¬ólarge, painful bumps lying beneath the surface of your skin. On their own, these large pimples take a week to clear. A steroid injection, on the other hand, flattens acne within hours and resolves the symptoms within two to four days. However, this solution is temporary and should not be used to treat pimples on a regular basis.

Lack of sleep and an unbalanced diet can contribute to pimple formation, so make sure you get enough at least 7 hours of sleep nightly and avoid greasy and salty food. Lastly, another way how to clear acne fast is to avoid wearing makeup for the time being. If you must apply makeup, use non-comedogenic foundations or ones that contain pimple-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid.


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