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How to Clear Acne Overnight

How to Clear Acne Overnight

Acne is a common problem with those who have oily skin or for young adolescents who have just hit puberty. Since acne often appears on the face, everyone wants to get rid of acne quickly because it’s the first thing people notice. The anxiety becomes worse when you have an important event like a date, an interview, or a wedding the next day. Here are tips on how to clear acne overnight.

  1. Keep your face clean

    p style="text-align: justify;">Most often, too much oil is the culprit. Wash your face up to twice a day. Before washing your face, first, wash your hands. And then wash your face with lukewarm water and rinse with cool water. Use mild cleansers to avoid irritation. Do not rub your face too much; spread the cleanser gently, and softly pat the face dry. Use oil-blotting paper throughout the day if needed.

    Aside from washing your face, do not touch your face at all. Your hands also produce oil and may have picked up grime, which will be transferred to your face. This means that you must not pop pimples with your fingernails or any other tool.

    This will worsen the scarring.

    Similarly, keep your face free of skin products and makeup while treating acne. It will keep the pores from accumulating dirt, which is one of the causes of acne. If you must put on product, make sure to use a small amount and that it is hypo-allergenic.

  2. Ice the acne

    While diamonds may distract the beholder from your face, ice cubes or crushed ice are more effective in combatting acne. Wrap ice in a clean cloth or towel and hold it over the acne for a few seconds. Move to another area. Repeat until the ice has melted. The ice reduces inflammation.

  3. Cool acne with cucumber

    Cucumber has been known to help heal the skin, whether applied directly or eaten as a vegetable. Similar to ice, it cools and soothes inflammation. Slice a cucumber into pieces and place them in potable water overnight. The nutrients in the cucumber, such as Vitamins A, C, and E, potassium, and chlorophyll will be absorbed by the water. Strain or remove the cucumber slices from the water and drink it or use it as a facial cleanser. If you don’t have the time to wait for the required soaking time, you can grind a cucumber and apply it to your face as a mask. Let the mask dry for 15 minutes and then rinse off with warm water. It will give you acne relief and clean your pores.

  4. Dab fresh lemon juice on acne

    Squeeze lemon juice into a bowl. Soak up some of the juice with a cotton ball and dab onto the acne-ridden area. Alternatively, you can just cut a lemon in half and gently rub the cut side of the lemon on the acne. You might feel some tingling, which means that it is working by killing the bacteria in the acne with citric acid. If it starts to become uncomfortable, rinse it off with a lot of water. Otherwise, you can leave the lemon juice on overnight. Note that lemon juice lightens the skin, which makes it more susceptible to damage when exposed to the sun.

If these tips on how to clear acne overnight are not fast enough for you, a surefire way to dry pimples is to apply white toothpaste directly on them. You can leave it on overnight, and you’ll definitely wake up to acne-free skin.


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