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How to Clear Up Acne Overnight

How to Clear Up Acne Overnight

Not all people have the same type of skin. As such, certain skin care products don't work as well for some, while others find them very much effective. That's also because people's bodies react to various treatments differently, and factors like age, genetics, hormonal balance, lifestyle, climate, and diet also need to be considered. So, if you ask certain friends how to clear up acne overnight, you'll receive different responses, although there are a number of solutions that are generally known to work well with many people. Here are those interventions and tips that have been known to be effective in fighting acne fast:

  1. Cortisone injections can significantly minimize inflammation and speed up the healing process. Cystic acne lesions start healing almost immediately after these shots are administered. As such, this type of intervention gives one of the quickest results.

  2. Using over-the-counter acne treatments is also another viable option for clearing acne overnight. Pick a product that has one of the following as the active ingredient: sulfur, salicylic acid, or benzoyl peroxide.

    This is because these ingredients can kill bacteria and also hasten shedding and development of new skin. According to Dr. Erin Gilbert, a New York-based dermatologist, you should choose a spot-treatment product that has 1-2% salicylic acid since this ingredient is less irritating than benzoyl peroxide. Although you may reapply this when needed, make sure that you don't do so at short intervals or use too much, so you don't irritate the pustule.

  3. If your acne is not that severe, use a mild facial scrub with micro beads to slough off the dead skin cells before you apply the acne-zapping treatment. This helps your skin absorb the product better and prevent any new bumps from forming.

  4. A cold compress is another doable overnight solution you can try. Use a cold, wet washcloth that you've stored for about an hour or two in the refrigerator. Put the washcloth over the affected area for about three to five minutes every now and then throughout the day. You can also use a cold, wet tea bag, instead of the cloth. This helps reduce inflammation.

  5. Keep yourself out of direct sunlight and away from warm or hot areas/rooms. Wear clothes that can keep your body cool since heat can trigger oil production and may even aggravate whatever pimples or acne you already have.

  6. To make the acne less obvious, put a couple of drops of Visine on a cotton ball and swab it on the red spots. According to dermatologists, this will help get the red out.

  7. You can also use tea tree oil to help reduce redness and make the bump less noticeable. Put some on a Q-tip and apply the oil on the affected areas. Make sure you put just enough and do not overdo it, so you don't irritate your skin. Do this as a last step.

  8. You can also use natural astringents to dry out the acne, such as lemon juice and green tea. Use a Q-tip or a cotton swab to apply the juice to the affected areas.

  9. Crushed aspirin mixed with just enough water to turn it into a thick paste helps lessen the pimple's redness. Apply this on the bumps carefully with a Q-tip and leave it to dry overnight.

  10. Drinking a lot of water during the day and getting at least eight hours' sleep also help to lessen the acne and can boost the healing properties of the skin care solutions you're using.

See to it that your hands are clean before touching your face and that anything that comes in contact with your face is clean too. Scheduling a visit to a dermatologist is also effective in helping you know how to clear up acne overnight.


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