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How to Clicker Train a Puppy

How to Clicker Train a Puppy

Using a distinctive sound to command your dog to do something is called clicker training. There are various ways on how to clicker train a puppy. The idea is for the dog to connect a sound with the corresponding command. This will drive the dog to perform the action upon hearing the click you created for it. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Make your own clicker device if you want to be unique. You can use two small pieces of bamboo cuts or other materials that create distinctively clear sounds. Attach an elastic string on each, with one fitting the thumb and the other fitting the four fingers. If you do not want to bother making this, just buy it from a pet shop. There are clickers made from plastic or light metal. They are meant to be small for portability. Don’t forget to buy some treats to support the training.

  2. Don’t complicate things when introducing the clicker system to your dog. If your dog is fond of standing on two feet, make a click exclusive for that action so that the dog will perform the trick the moment it hears the sound you make with the clicker.


  3. Do the clicking while demonstrating the desired trick. Equipped with a treat in one hand and the clicker in the other,  entice the dog with the treat but raise your hand up until the dog is standing on its two feet just to reach the treat. Click the clicker to produce the same sound you made in the previous step.

  4. Be consistent. Once you’ve made the click, supply the dog treat immediately. Don’t leave a time gap. Let the dog know that when it does the trick upon hearing the click, it will be rewarded with the treat.

  5. Continue to practice the trick with the click, but as your dog becomes accustomed to the process, delay giving it the treat so that it will not become too spoiled. It should feel secure in the fact that you will definitely give it the treat once it is obedient to the sound of the click – even if the treat is not provided right away. A patient dog is more lovable than a demanding one.

  6. Alternate food treats with affectionate gestures as the dog becomes proficient in performing the task. There will be times that you will be running out of supplies, but this will give the dog the assurance that obeying the clicking sound will definitely be rewarding – even if it’s not in the form of treats.

Learning how to clicker train a puppy is not difficult. As described step by step in this article, the process is a very straightforward one. All you have to do is follow them accordingly. You can teach your dog more tricks with corresponding clicks if you so desire. Just make sure that you won’t get mixed up with the various sounds because your confusion can cause inconsistencies – thereby confusing your dog as well. Don’t overwhelm your dog or yourself with too many tricks.


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