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How to Clip Dogs’ Nails

How to Clip Dogs’ Nails

The techniques on how to clip dogs’ nails may vary depending on the dog’s initial reaction while clipping. Some dogs will take it as a normal routine, especially if you’ve been doing this since it was a puppy. Others have to be tricked or pinned down firmly but gently. Whatever your restraining method is, do not make this a difficult ordeal for your dog or else you’ll be wresting with the dog every time. Here are safe and effective methods for you to follow:

  1. Lay your small dog on a table on its side. Use the floor if your dog is too big for the table. Stay opposite the paw that you are going to trim. Your body must be bending over the dog and your left arm can easily stop the dog from rising up by holding its head in place. Hold the paw with your right hand and press the palm for it to expose its claws. This is more manageable if two people are doing it.

  2. Use a guillotine trimmer for your dog. You can cut a very long nail or the dew claw with it by fitting it on its tip. They sometimes grow in a toe pad.

    rest of the toe nails can be cut using the scissors-like part of the guillotine trimmer. Find the right angle of the scissors against the toe nail. Use your right hand or your most comfortable hand to hold the cutter. Just bring in the two handles together to cut off the nail. Once the cutter is positioned, it will cut only the part that it is stationed to.

  3. Know the nature of the growth of different kinds of nails because it will be hard to see the quick or the veins within the nails of the dog if it has dark paws. Take note that the claws on the front feet are a lot longer than those on the rear feet for obvious reasons. Do not fail to trim the dew claws at the inner paw if they were not removed by the vet when your dog was a puppy.

  4. Cut the nails giving at least 2 millimeters allowance from the quick to be sure. If you accidentally cut a part of the quick, it can bleed significantly, which is painful to the dog. Apply pressure on it by pressing it firmly with a clean cloth before applying medicines for cuts.

  5. Observe the proper handling of the trimmer to avoid mistakes. When the nail is cut from the bottom to the top part, the trimmer handles must be pointing towards the floor. If itÂ’s the opposite, let the handles point towards the ceiling. The cutter must be perpendicular to the nail to avoid breakage. You must see the cutting blade to have full control, so let it face you.

  6. Cut in small amounts when you cannot see the quick. If you are not confident in doing this, just use a nail file to shorten the nails when you think that you are closer to the quick. Use a sharp cutter for a cleaner finish.

You just have to be careful on how to clip dogsÂ’ nails. Just in case you happen to cut the quick, do not panic. It should stop bleeding within five minutes of using the first aid step mentioned above.


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