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How to Comfort a Cat in Heat

How to Comfort a Cat in Heat

Taking care of a cat in heat can be very stressful, not just for you but also for your cat. During this time, your cat’s constant meowing and rolling on the floor make it obvious that your cat is as distressed as you are, if not more. Even though this behavior usually lasts just four to ten days, it can drive you nuts and you need to do everything that you can to ensure that your cat is as comfortable as she can be. Here are some methods for how to comfort a cat in heat and reduce the stress that both of you are feeling:

  1. Provide extra affection for your cat. Showing your cat more affection than normal can provide some of the sensory stimulation that she needs while she’s in heat. Cuddling or petting her as often as possible can quiet her down. Put her on your lap and groom her with a soft-bristled brush or grooming glove. Your cat will certainly appreciate these extra bonding moments with you.

  2. Let your cat engage in some diversionary activities. Your cat will be very energetic while she’s in heat and will try everything within her means to get outside.

    u can divert her energy into interactive play sessions, using things such as motorized car toys and fishing pole-type toys. Keep your cat as busy as possible to take her mind off mating.

  3. Place your cat in a non-stimulating environment. You can take your cat out in heat season or estrus during autumnal conditions, when the days are shorter and cooler. If you can provide a room that is cool and dimly lit, it could help relieve the discomfort that she is feeling. In order to prevent boredom, continue engaging in regular play sessions with your cat.

  4. Find a teaser tom cat. A teaser tom is a male cat that has undergone a vasectomy but still retains his ability to mate. If you can find a teaser tom that will mate with your cat in heat, you and your cat will be relieved by all the stress caused by the estrus cycle. Furthermore, it will ensure that your cat will not get pregnant. You can rent a teaser tom from a cat breeder.

  5. Consult your veterinarian. If you no longer want to deal with your cat’s behavior when she’s in heat, you can ask your veterinarian about different types of feline contraception. Pills and hormone injections are the most common types of contraception, and they are both effective in breaking your cat’s heat cycle. However, they do have long-term side effects, so you should consult your vet so that he can recommend the best option for your cat.

  6. Get your cat spayed. If you have no plans to breed your female cat, then you should consider getting her spayed. Spaying is the process of removing your cat’s ovaries, hence sterilizing her and preventing pregnancy. This is good for your cat as it reduces the risk of having breast cancer and uterine infections, plus it will also put a permanent end to your cat’s heat cycle. Most cats can undergo spaying at the age of six months, although some vets can spay cats as early as five to six weeks of age. It is best to have your cat spayed when she’s off-season, as doing it while she is in heat is more complicated and expensive. This is actually the best option so that you won’t have to go through the ordeal of having a cat in heat.

Learning how to comfort a cat in heat can benefit you once mating season arrives. She will need extra attention during these times, and you should be able to provide it as a pet owner. Do not forget to consult your vet if you are contemplating permanently ending your cat’s heat cycle. 


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