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how to communicate effectively at work

how to communicate effectively at work how to communicate effectively at work

Managers can only be effective when they can communicate effectively with the various levels of employees. How to communicate effectively at work must not be ignored because this will dictate the success or failure of the business. If you think about it, communication is power when influenced and coupled with persuasion. This is the leader’s means to drive his or her team forward towards the fulfillment of a task. Follow these guidelines to be an effective communicator:

  1. When you work with transparency, you will not have problems disclosing the challenges you’re facing in the job. Instead of going around the bushes to show your innocence, be precise with your report. It is impressive reading a report that says: “Installed the software following the given directions, but it’s still not working. Kindly advise how to fix this.” It clearly indicates that you’ve done the task given to you, but since you’re not an expert on this because you are just following the directions, you need help in troubleshooting the procedures done.


  2. We’ve seen in the movies that bosses are naturally fierce, demanding, and authoritative. This is contrary in real life. An effective leader will be careful not to hurt anyone. Most companies are even using memos to communicate in writing. This way, instructions and progress reports are factual and not emotional.

  3. People have different receptor modes. Many can understand just by listening to instructions. Others rely on visual demonstrations to really get the complete details of the project. A few may need a pat on the back to be able to focus and get inspired. Communication is not just verbal; it can also be visual or physical. That’s why there’s such a thing as body language.

  4. Eye contact is not hard for confident people. You can sense the feelings of other people in the office by looking at their eyes while talking. You can then modify your approach based on the character seen. If some colleagues are intimated just by your looks, instead of giving to them their assignments, ask them to help you instead for the team’s tasks. You’ll achieve the same progress, but your bond with your colleagues will be strengthened.

  5. Note the treatments made to specific colleagues that work. Your job will be easier when you can coordinate with as many people as you can to do a quality assignment. A system can keep the organization in order, but it takes effective communication to make everyone follow the system.

  6. If you want to develop your leadership potential, start working on your communication skills no matter what level you are in the organization. Climbing the ladder of success from the lowest organizational sector is an advantage for you. You will have the chance to get exposed to the many personalities of your office. This might sound tough working your way up, but when you are finally up there, you won’t be guessing about how to deal with your subordinates from the department heads down to the rank-in-file staff.

How to communicate effectively is important for all the members of the workforce. Harmony cannot be attained without it. The operational procedures will be messy when key people are not on the same page. Overall, you can only make the culture of the organization successful through effective communication. No wonder most human resources experts are vying to measure the behaviors of candidates to ensure high success rates of hired employees and the business in general. Communication skills can be determined by measuring everyone’s attitude.


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