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how to communicate effectively in a relationship

how to communicate effectively in a relationship

Good communication is extremely essential in order to make a relationship stand the tests of time. Couples need time to talk in order to improve their closeness, increase their level of intimacy, or discuss an issue. Although, there are no standard rules on how a couple should talk, there are still common tips that can help on how to communicate effectively in a relationship. These tips flow from logic, ordinary experiences, and common sense.

  1. Speak clearly. It is highly important that your partner understands what you are talking about in order to avoid the so-called communication gap. In other words, you must be able to get your message across to your partner. Speak in an audible voice, which means neither too loud nor too soft.

  2. Focus on the important point. When you discuss an issue, keep your focus. Your partner must feel that you are interested in the topic at hand, especially if both of you are trying to resolve a serious problem.

    Don’t change the topic for no reason at all; that can be very annoying. If you do, you’ll probably end up fighting each other.

  3. Express yourself. If you have something to say, important or not, just say it. Openness is very vital to make the relationship productive. Avoid keeping an issue to yourself, especially if it has something to do with the relationship. Be honest about how you feel. Express yourself in the most subtle way with sincerity.

  4. Be a good listener. Communication is essentially a two-way process, which involves the sender (the one talking) and the receiver (the one listening). Therefore, every time your partner confides in you, listen carefully. Do you think it’s proper to interrupt once in a while? The answer is no. Once you interrupt, it affects the flow of the idea that your partner is trying to convey. Wait for your time to talk, argue, rebut, or present a comment.

  5. Avoid being too defensive. In every conversation, you can’t always be right. Avoid insisting on what you think is correct just to checkmate your partner. Remember, you don’t have the monopoly of knowledge. Defending your stand, even if you know it’s wrong, can result in a heated argument. In a discussion, sometimes you have to give way in order to win. Anyway, you are not in an open debate wherein you have to prove to the adjudicators that you are more logical than your partner. Moreover, avoid using negative lines that would manifest defensiveness.

  6. Address properly the problems at hand. Every problem that besets your love affair or any misunderstanding that occurs between the two of you must be attacked properly. While you present some alternatives, carefully consider the opinions of your partner. Thereafter, draw a common solution that is mutually acceptable to you both. As you progress in discussion, always keep an open mind.

  7. Talk at the right time and at the right place. There is always a proper time and a proper place to discuss issues affecting the relationship. There are a number of couples who find talking at early dawn very effective. According to them, that is the time when their minds are totally empty, thus ready to hear new insights. Make sure that you talk in a comfortable area where you can think clearly. Talking over a cup of coffee on a weekend is ideal.

Many people don’t know how to communicate effectively in a relationship. Being unable to communicate with your partner can greatly affect the productivity level of your relationship. It’s really true that good communication is one of the keys to a successful love affair.


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