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how to communicate effectively with your partner

how to communicate effectively with your partner

A relationship will not survive if communication fails. This refers to verbal and non-verbal ways of conversing. Thoughts, feelings, and actions need to be conveyed to each other to avoid misunderstandings. How to communicate effectively with your partner is crucial if you are aiming for the harmonious union that all of us desire. Your face and body will be speaking a language apart from your mouth. Playing with our hair, sighing, rolling our eyes, and making faces can specifically tell our partner something. It can also be disapproval by shaking one’s head or approval by nodding. On the other hand, verbal communication will also have different meanings depending on the rise and fall of the pitch, the intensity of the sound, and the choices of words. Here’s how to communicate effectively:

  1. Spell the words out to explain what you mean. Make sure also that you don’t say anything that you will regret later on because it was just said to hurt the feelings of your partner when arguing about something. Throwing mean words at your partner just to get even when you are hurt will not result in a positive outcome.

    careful with your tongue because the words can boomerang to injure you.

  2. Do not make promises that you cannot fulfill. Do not be secretive with your partner also. Even if you do not intend to, you can betray your partner just by keeping secrets. This can never do any good to the relationship.

  3. You need to coordinate your words and actions to get out what’s inside you. You cannot do justice with your true feelings when you are too emotional. Learn to translate them into the proper words first for the benefit of your partner. Do not keep him guessing because you can’t blurt it out. You owe it to your relationship to give him the right to know the real you deep within.

  4. Give him the chance also to explain his side especially when discussing sensitive issues. He may be trembling in some occasions, but you can help him relax by properly showing your love and understanding. It is helpful when no one goes to bed without sorting out the issues that caused any trouble to the partnership.

  5. Understand that individuals have different needs. You and your partner are not exclusions to this rule. It is best to make a request rather than being demanding about it to get your partner to respond. Before you do this, understand your intentions first before you try to communicate so that you can be very effective in relaying your message.

  6. You can only benefit from the power of communication if first you are true to yourself and then to your partner. You should not have problems telling the truth if there’s mutual understanding between the both of you.

  7. Being a good listener is the most important part of being an effective communicator. You’ll learn more about your spouse when you listen more. When you know every detail of his personality, you won’t have difficulties in getting your message across. The willingness to listen will also make your partner love and respect you more. He will always look forward to being with you at any given moment.

How to communicate effectively with your partner lies in your capability to show kindness whether you are using verbal or non-verbal communication. Couples with successful marriages are noted to be gentle with each other through words and actions. It will be a dream come true to have a relationship that is nurtured with love, respect, and mature responsibility.


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