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how to completely restore your computer

how to completely restore your computer

Restoring factory settings to your computer is sometimes the only way to   completely get rid of corrupted files and possible undetected viruses which are both very harmful to your computer. You may accidentally lose some files, but it is better to rescue your hardware this way. There’s a way to prevent losing files during the process, but there’s no other way to know how to completely restore your computer without going through the following steps:

  1. Save as many accessible files as you can by backing up all possible files before engaging in the restoration process that will make your computer function like it did the first time you used it. A full system backup of files, folders, and even the ones which are less important to you should be made. If your restoration process is not successful, at least you can still go back somewhere. Putting the pieces together again is only possible if the pieces are still there waiting to be picked up.

  2. Get a hold of your original operating installation disc and load it into the CD drive.

    be able to reset the computer to factory settings, everything must be re-installed from scratch. There should be a pop-up after using the auto load option. It will ask if you want to run the programs on the CD. Clicking “No” should close any open applications. Downloads of any applications you’ve installed initially to run your computer must also be tracked.

  3. Install all applications by rebooting the computer with the CD still loaded in the disc drive. You’ll know it’s working if it will direct you to select options for your intended restoration process. Install also the downloaded applications from the original media. Limit downloads installations to your major necessities only.  Your computer might be slowed down again with software that you hardly use.

  4. Remember to click the "Format and Reinstall" option. Formatting and reinstalling the hard drive can bring your computer back to its original condition. This is very different from repairing your system. It will just rewrite the files when if you choose a "repair." In this case, you are just modifying your processor and not giving it a fresh restart.

  5. Select the drive to reinstall the operating system on and press the “Enter” key. Do the same to the other drives that need to be formatted and reinstalled. This process will work with multiple drives chosen. Just press “Enter” and it will do the job immediately. Defaults and settings will return to the factory specifications.

  6. Expect that this will not be the first and last time you are going to reset your computer. Always put a backup in place and secure the original operating installation disc at all times. You want to spare yourself from worrying whether you are ready and know what to do in case the need arises again. Formatting and reinstalling tasks will just become one of your regular maintenance responsibilities for your computer.

How to completely restore your computer does not require a genius to do it. Computers are built to be user-friendly. It can be accomplished by anybody who is keen enough to follow directions. It is just something that avid computer users must learn.  If they do not want to do it themselves, they can ask a knowledgeable person to do it. There’s a great benefit that this process offers when you really think about it. It will allow you to start all over again when computing becomes really tough due to dangerous, corrupted elements and viruses.


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