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How to Conceal Dark Circles Under Eyes

How to Conceal Dark Circles Under Eyes

One of the clearest indications of aging, sleep deprivation, and fatigue is the formation of dark shadows under or around your eyes. However, these factors are not the only ones that create that effect on your lovely peepers. It's also possible that allergies, skin issues, heredity, and exposure to the sun can cause under-eye circles. With all that considered, the question now is how to conceal dark circles under eyes. Read on to learn how:

  1. Get enough sleep. According to the Mayo Clinic, scrimping on shut-eye can make you look more hollow-eyed. If your lids are looking shadowy, a lack of sleep can make you paler, therefore making them more obvious. Also, make sure that you elevate your head with extra pillows as you sleep in order to avoid the puffiness created by fluid pooling under your eyes.

  2. A cold compress can serve as a good pre-makeup prep that will lessen the puffiness and the shadows under your eyes. You can use chilled teaspoons or a packet of frozen peas covered in soft cloth for this purpose.

    Apply to the skin under your eyes to lessen the discoloration and dilation of the blood vessels in that area.

  3. You can also use chilled cucumber slices or teabags, which can be placed on closed eyes and left for about four to five minutes to lessen puffiness and irritation. Dr. Gregory Nikolaidis, a dermatologist, says that this is because cucumbers “have powerful antioxidants and flavinoids that are thought to reduce irritation.”

  4. After washing your face with a mild cleanser appropriate for your skin type, apply a light, creamy concealer only on the dark areas, especially the innermost corners, as this is where the shadows are darkest. You don't have to put concealer on the entire under-eye area—you only need to apply it where the dark areas are. Simply blend the edges of the concealer with a damp sponge so your handiwork looks more natural. Avoid products that are dry as these can settle in the fine lines around your eyes and end up highlighting what you're trying to conceal.

  5. You can also use your liquid foundation as a concealer. Put a very small amount on your hand or a clean surface and let it dry out a bit so that the liquid becomes thicker and concentrated, taking on a concealer-like texture and quality. If you're using a cream-based foundation, apply the product in light layers to boost its ability to conceal.

  6. When possible, pick a concealer or foundation that has a yellow base and is a little lighter than your skin color in order to counteract the purplish or bluish tone of the dark areas under your eyes.

  7. Set the concealer/foundation with translucent powder, using a wedge sponge and a patting motion. This kind of powder is light enough not to create a caked-on effect and is less likely to show the fine creases under your peepers.

  8. To keep the cover-up from looking heavy, you can spray a bit of water or face tonic and pat lightly so the result looks fresh and more natural.

  9. Applying some shimmer on the inner corner of your eyes or waterline can brighten your look and draw attention away from your under-eye area.

Aside from learning how to conceal dark circles under eyes, if your eyes are quite puffy, you may consider doing a little facial massage to facilitate lymphatic drainage and de-puff your eyes. Use light strokes and facial lotion so you don't create new creases. Avoid salty food as much as possible since this can promote swelling. Drink a lot of water to flush out the puffy effect, as well. Following these tips will leave you looking bright-eyed, energetic, and ready to tackle the day.


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