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How to Conceive a Girl

How to Conceive a Girl

Reliable information about how to conceive a girl used to be hard to come by. Advice usually revolved around old wives’ tales that had no logical basis and involved strange, if not hilarious, rituals and activities. However, there are certain practices with reasonable explanations and strong anecdotal evidence that have increased the likelihood of conceiving a baby girl, so much so that people have tried them with varying levels of success. A baby’s gender is always largely determined by Divine Providence. But the following tips may greatly increase the probability of Divine Providence granting you favor.

  1. Track your ovulation to avoid intercourse during ovulation, or during your most fertile days. To make sure you’re being as accurate as possible, track your cycle using a calendar and counting the days. But this alone is not enough. At the same time, you have to monitor your temperature; your body’s temperature rises a couple degrees or so just before you ovulate. Observe your bodily discharge: fertile mucus is slippery and thick, somewhat similar in consistency to egg white, which signifies the least optimum time to have intercourse.

    better accuracy, you could use an ovulation testing kit.

    Explanation: Sperms either have X or Y chromosomes. When a Y-chromosome-carrying sperm fertilizes your egg, the result is a boy. An X-chromosome-carrying sperm will produce a girl. The “girl” sperm is slower moving but longer-lasting; the “boy” sperm moves faster but has a shorter life span. Thus, having intercourse during your fertile period will increase the possibility of the boy sperm getting to the egg first. If you time intercourse before ovulation, though, chances are that the boy sperm will move fast but there will be no egg to fertilize yet. These sperm will die waiting, while the X-chromosome-carrying sperm will move slowly and reach the egg just when the body produces it.

  2. Still related to the above point: have sex frequently prior to ovulation.

    Explanation: this deposits more sperm into your body for when the egg is ready to be fertilized. Again, the male sperm will have died before the egg is ready, while the female sperm will continue to survive and swim slowly, and will reach the egg when it is ready. Having more female sperm in your system increases the chances of your egg being fertilized by a female sperm.

  3. Increase your body’s acidity level. To enhance your acidity level, avoid alkaline foods and beverages about three months before attempting to conceive a baby girl. Certain foods may increase the body’s acidity level, and you could incorporate more of these in your diet: whole grains (e.g. bread, and rice), meat and fish, fruits and vegetables rich in magnesium, and sweets.

    Explanation: It has been found that an acidic environment is more conducive to “girl” sperm survival.

  4. Try not to orgasm.

    Explanation: Orgasms produce fluids that are more alkaline than acidic. Thus, when a female orgasms, it gives the alkaline-loving male sperms a boost, and may even kill or inhibit the female sperm.

  5. Have sex in positions that do not allow for deep penetration.

    Explanation: Deep penetration enables the male sperm to get to the egg faster because of the shorter distance it travels. Shallow penetration may make it harder for the male sperm to get to the egg before it dies, thus giving the female sperm a greater chance to reach the egg.

There is no guarantee that following these steps will give you a daughter. At the same time, you have nothing to lose if you try these tips on how to conceive a girl.


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