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How to Conceive after a Miscarriage

How to Conceive after a Miscarriage

It's a brave decision to try and have another baby, as you will be facing similar risks as in previous pregnancies. This time around though, you'll be more careful and vigilant so you're more likely to have a successful pregnancy. However, the real question now is figuring out how to conceive after a miscarriage. The good news is that you still can have a baby as long as your reproductive organs are still healthy and intact. In fact, a study revealed that women who get pregnant within 6 months after a miscarriage are less likely to encounter complications during a pregnancy compared to those who wait longer to conceive once more. Here are tips to guide you on how to get pregnant again:

  1. When exactly is the best time to conceive? The answer is when you are psychologically and emotionally ready to welcome a new addition to the family. Give yourself enough time to grieve so that negative feelings associated from the previous pregnancy do not affect future attempts. It's important that you are back to normal, which means you're not depressed and have already accepted and made peace with past events so your body and mind is better able to handle the challenges of getting pregnant once more.

  2. You can consult your doctor first, especially if you have health conditions that could make your next pregnancy risky or affect your chances of having another baby. However, according to the study mentioned above, generally within 6 months after a miscarriage is the ideal period.

  3. Knowing more about what caused the miscarriage will help you take the right steps to conceiving again. A blood test is recommended, as it can reveal whether you and your partner have problems with your immune system or hormones. Getting an ultrasound is also wise, as it can help detect uterine problems.

  4. Eat a diet rich in folic acid, selenium, and iron to support embryo development and ensure that your baby develops healthily. Consume foods rich in folic acid like beef, green veggies, soybeans, eggs, bran, and avocados. Alternatively, you can also take supplements at least three months before conception.

  5. Steer clear of alcohol, smoking, and certain drugs that may interfere with your fertility or reproductive health so you increase your chances of conceiving within the desired period. Doing so will also minimize the risks of your baby developing abnormalities during pregnancy.

  6. Exercise and get enough sleep. This is so that you remain healthy and more capable of fighting stress. With that being said, you should also schedule holidays or mini-vacations every now and then so you don't get overwhelmed with stress. Your body is less likely to cooperate when stressed, which can restrict blood flow and affect reproductive functions. Going on a “second honeymoon” with your better half will help pave the way to having another baby and strengthen your bond with each other.

  7. Monitor your monthly cycle so you know when is the most optimal time for conception and coordinate your baby-making efforts during such periods. You can ask for help from your health care provider. Furthermore, you can use a journal to note your cycle or an app if you have a smartphone or tablet.

Another tip on how to conceive after a miscarriage is that you should avoid making love as often as you can because this can decrease your chances of getting pregnant. This is because a man's sperm count is lower the more times he ejaculates. Try doing it twice a week instead, or schedule it during your most fertile week.


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