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how to connect HDMI cable to TV

how to connect HDMI cable to TV

There are times when you just might wish that your computer were much larger, especially if you’re videos or movies online. A bigger also comes in handy for work when you need multiple windows up or are working or watching a presentation. One easy solution requires just learning how to connect HDMI cable to TV. This lets you use the TV as a monitor and effectively makes your screen larger without having to buy a larger one. HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. If you have an older TV or older version of a video car, this type of connection might not be a good idea. However, almost all of the new LCDs and plasma TVs are HDMI ready. A HDMI connection ensures better resolution and the highest signal quality. Having your computer or laptop connected to your TV has a lot of advantages, and it is not hard to do. Below are the steps to help you connect the HDMI cable to your TV.

  1. Check the connections. Make sure that your television has an auxiliary (AUX) input and a stereo that has the same input as well.

    This is where you usually plug in your DVD player.

  2. Connecting your laptop or computer to your television with an HDMI cable is not really that hard since all cables are color-coded. You have to plug one end of the cable to the AUX input located at the back or side of your TV. Then connect the other end to your laptop or computer. Once the connection has been made, you will see a prompt on your computer indicating a connection to a device. Vista users will have an automatic connection with the Mobility Center located in the Control Panel. You will be able to see the computer/laptop display on your TV right away. If you don’t, continue with the steps below.

  3. Don’t worry if you can’t see your computer display right away. You may need to make a few adjustments and set up your TV for it to read the HDMI connection. Locate the input button on the remote control. It may be on a default setting, which is usually TV, DTV, or SCART. Choose HDMI as your input. However, if your television only gives you AV1, AV2, and the like, scroll through all the AV channels and check which one is receiving the HDMI input. This may take a while so just be patient. Eventually, you should find the right one, but if not, continue to the next step.

  4. Now if you are really sure that you have the HDMI input and still can’t see your computer screen or your television screen, you might want to check your computer’s settings. Right-click anywhere on your desktop, select “Properties,” and then go to the “Settings” tab. For Vista and Windows 7 and up users, you would click “Personalize” and then select “Display Settings.” Others may have to check the box that says something like “Extend my display onto this monitor,” and then apply. Once you fiddle with the display settings, you should be able to see your computer screen on your television screen.

It may seem like a trial and error process, but that is the way things often are when it comes to electronics. You have to find out what works with your gadgets, especially when you connect them to other stuff. And learning how to connect HDMI cable to TV is just one of the many things that you can do to better enjoy your electronics.


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