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how to connect PC to HDTV

how to connect PC to HDTV

There is no doubt that when it comes to movies, the bigger the display, the better. Watching movies on tiny PC monitors will often put to waste the cinematographic beauty of a movie and make you miss important nuances of an actor’s emotion or the details of a scene’s composition. Why not maximize your viewing experience by watching movies not on your PC but on the large screen. You only need to find out how to connect your PC to HDTV, and you’re all set.

  1. Find out the ports your PC and your HDTV have.

  2. If you can’t identify one kind of port from another, check your PC and HDTV manuals. Also, know the resolution of your HDTV because this information will come up handy when setting up your PC and HDTV to work together. If you are like most folks and can’t find your manuals, check the manufacturer’s website. Most manufacturers post their product manuals online or make it available for download.

  3. If you don’t consider yourself very tech savvy, you can take photos of the ports of both your PC and HDTV and bring them to a computer parts or electronics store to ask the experts to figure out what sort of cable to buy.

    n also ask them to demonstrate how to properly connect the two together.

  4. Get the cable or connector you need. The simplest and cheapest, though not always the best picture-quality choice, is the S-video. This works well because most TVs have an S-port. But you need to check carefully because PCs usually have 7-pin ports, while some TVs only have 4-pin ports; if this is the case with your equipment, S-video won’t work for you.

    A better option for an HDTV is a VGA cable because it results in better video quality. Like the S-video, the VGA cable also comes at a very reasonable cost.

    The DVI, or Digital Visual Interface, performs better quality-wise than either S-video or VGA, but it will cost you. Plus, your computer needs to have a DVI connector. Or alternatively, you could connect your DVI to your HDTV through an HDMI cable; this will afford you the best picture quality by far and the best viewing experience possible.

  5. Set both your PC and HDTV to the same resolution.

  6. Turn both the PC and HDTV on. Check the image and adjust the resolution as necessary.

Now that you've figured out the intricacies of how to connect a PC to HDTV, it’s time to grab a bucket of popcorn and a can of soda, put your feet up and relax, and watch a movie.


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