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how to connect TiVo to TV

how to connect TiVo to TV

Before anything else, let’s first clarify what TiVo is. It is a digital video recorder that captures TV programs and stores them for later viewing. TiVo is probably the first digital video recorder that became an instant hit the moment it came out on the market. Well, if you just bought one and can’t wait to use it, the only thing left to do now is learn how to connect TiVo to TV. TiVo is now becoming part of many households because of its convenience, especially for those who just love watching TV and hate missing their favorite shows. With this technology, you can record shows and watch them later as if you’re playing a DVD where you can just hit pause, play, rewind, and forward whenever you want. Connecting TiVo to your TV is easy; you do not need any technical knowledge or experience. Here are the steps:

  1. TiVo should come with cables, but if you don’t have for some reason, you can easily purchase them at most electronics stores.

  2. There are three colored cable plugs.

    st, take the yellow cable. If the wire is not color coded, check the ends of the wire for different colors at the end. Plug it into the yellow slot on the back, side, or front of your TV. Then, do the same with the red and white wires, which are responsible for the audio.

  3. Another set of cables that are similar like the first one should be connected. It also has matching colors to guide you. However, reverse the direction of the connection this time. It should plug into the TiVo.

  4. Turn on the TV and TiVo and check to see if it’s working. If by any chance it isn’t, examine the cables to make sure you’ve put them in the correct spots.

Having a device like this can be very handy, especially if you just can’t live without your TV shows. This is actually a very convenient way to still be able to go out with your friends or anything else without having to miss your favorite shows. The steps on how to connect TiVo to TV are very simple, and the process is quick to do.


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