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how to conserve endangered species

how to conserve endangered species

Wildlife conservation is one of the most worthwhile causes to be involved in for several reasons. One of the most pressing issues is the overwhelming effects of the global warming on earth’s wildlife. We see the widespread loss of their natural habitats, and we hear of more and more species getting added onto the endangered list. Creatures of the land, sea, and air are running out of space to live and breathe, and we need to do something about it before their kind is completely wiped off the earth. Endangered species are those whose numbers are currently too small that their survival is threatened to the point of extinction. Endangered species include both animals and plants. Learning how to conserve endangered species is part of our responsibility as we share the same habitat with them, and saving them means saving ourselves as well. Here are some steps we can take to help save endangered species:

  1. Be aware. Know which animals or plants are considered endangered. Consult the websites of national organizations and agencies or global ones like the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) or even the Environment Program of the United Nations (UN).

    It is strategic to choose species that are found near you. When you have chosen a particular animal or plant that you want to help save, learn as much as you can about it and the circumstances that contributed its endangered status.

  2. Launch a conservation campaign. Gather all your researched information on the endangered species and creates handouts, posters, brochures, and other materials that can be used in an information awareness campaign. The key to conservation is awareness. People can be urged to help contribute if they are made aware and made to feel that these animals and plants need them to survive.

  3. Adopt a green lifestyle. To be a green advocate, one should also adopt and maintain a green and sustainable lifestyle. The environment and everything that depends on it to live cannot be saved overnight or through a couple of conservation campaign. They require committed and sustainable efforts, not necessarily Herculean in proportions but consistent and continuous. Little acts everyday can actually help the whole planet in the long run.

    One of the things we can do is to go organic as much as we can in the food we eat, the products we use, and even the clothes we wear. Another green habit is to always reuse, reduce, and recycle. Avoid using plastic bags for example, and if you must, make sure you reuse them. Plastic does not disintegrate, and it hurts the environment when disposed of.

    We can also do something about reducing the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that we emit into the atmosphere. Cars and household appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators as well as industrial plants produce them. We can lessen our use of cars and appliances and urge the plants and manufacturers to comply with international standards of carbon emission, such as that of the Kyoto Protocol.

  4. Love animals. Wildlife conservation should not be limited to the species that you have chosen to protect. Loving the environment means taking care of everything and anything that is part of it and depends on it. So be kind to animals, whether it’s your neighbor’s cat or the collection that they have on the local zoo. Just because they are not endangered now does not mean they do not need your protection. Protecting animals is a state of mind and a lifestyle; it should not just be a one-time deal.

Learning how to protect an endangered species is not a tall order. Small steps everyday can help go a long way. Human beings are the only species capable of endangering the survival of other species, but we are the only ones capable of saving them as well. We should do what we can, where we are, with what we have.


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