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how to contract AIDS

how to contract AIDS

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is responsible for the development of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). How to contract AIDS starts when the virus attacks the T-cells or CD4+ cells, ultimately weakening the body’s immune system. As HIV destroys the T-cells, it becomes latent. In other words, the immune system of the body, no matter how strong, cannot detect the virus. Thus, as the virus replicates itself overtime, the disease can lead to AIDS. Once a person is infected with HIV, life will never be the same again; this disorder has no cure. So, as to avoid the painful effects of HIV, awareness on how the virus can set in the body is essential. Read on below to know the common ways of contracting AIDS.

  1. Unsafe vaginal sexual contact. This is the most prevalent mode of acquiring AIDS. Unsafe sexual contact, such as not using condoms and having multiple partners, increases the risk of contracting AIDS. Secretions from the semen and vagina during sexual intercourse are the prime carriers of the HIV virus.


  2. Anal sexual contact. This applies to male-to-male and male-to-female unsafe sexual contact. A charitable institution in the United Kingdom called Avert stated that “the anal region is more delicate than the vagina; it is more likely to sustain injuries during intercourse.” Once injuries are sustained by the anal walls, blood can easily enter into the urethra of the penis. Similarly, the secretions from the penis can penetrate into the anal wound. This method of infection is, more or less, similar to unsafe vaginal sexual contact.

  3. Oral sex contamination. The oral fluids, like the saliva and blood secretions in the mouth sores, are the prime carriers of the virus during oral sex. Likewise, the semen from the penis may carry the same virus and transmit it to the other partner. Unlike in vaginal and anal sex, both parties in oral sex cannot employ protection. That is why the risk of contracting AIDS is high.

  4. Transfusion of contaminated blood. This method of contracting HIV/AIDS holds true in developing countries where the rate of unsafe sex is high. This also happens when the blood of an HIV-infected donor is transfused into another person. Many countries are now observing proper screening of donated blood in order to avert further infection.

  5. Recycling or sharing of used syringes. The usual victims are the drug users who share syringes and needles during a drug session. Once a used syringe is re-injected into the blood vessels of another person, the HIV infection is complete.

  6. Mother-to-offspring transmission. If an HIV-positive pregnant woman is not taking antiviral medications, the fetus inside her womb is automatically infected. Also, an HIV-positive lactating mother can pass the virus to her infant through breastfeeding.

  7. Unexpected prick of an infected needle. This normally happens in medical and health care institutions where hospital personnel accidentally prick themselves with discarded syringes or HIV-contaminated needles.

  8. Infection through body piercings and tattoos. Tattooing and body piercing procedures require the use of needles. Thus, traces of blood can remain on the needle. Once the needle is used in another client, HIV infection can set in. Therefore, any tattoo artist should make sure that her or his tools are sterilized and clean.

When a person acquires HIV, proper medication must be administered right away. See a doctor and ask for proper prescription of antiviral drugs. The progression of AIDS can be slowed down, especially if detected at an early stage. However, knowing the ways on how to contract AIDS can help you avoid the disease altogether.


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