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How to Control Cat Behavior

How to Control Cat Behavior

Controlling a cat’s behavior may seem impossible. However, learning how to control cat behavior is possible through various techniques. Despite the intellectual and emotional differences of humans and animals, you can try the following strategies to take dominion over your cat:

  1. Discourage your cat from scratching your furniture. Though scratching is one of the cat’s natural behaviors, do not allow it to scratch your furniture. This annoying cat behavior can be corrected by providing your cat with some posts or rugs to scratch. Observe where the cat usually does the scratching. Place the wooden post for it to use there instead. If your cat keeps on going back to your furniture, spray the cat with water. Cats do not like to get wet. This technique will remind your cat of the places and things that are off limits.

  2. Shop for some enjoyable and interesting toys for your cat to play with. It is sometimes annoying to catch your little friend biting and damaging items inside your house. It is wiser to provide it with some cat toys to bite and play with.

    pare your free time to bond and play with your cat. Always discipline your cat when you see an opportunity.

  3. Train your feline to use the litter box. Cats do not always instantly understand the use of litter trays; however, litter tray training is a significant procedure for your cat. This is to decrease mess and odors around your house.  Use a consistent pattern to achieve this litter tray training activity.

  4. Use a powerful and firm voice when giving commands. Implement disciplinary measures at once upon adopting the cat. It will eventually become familiar with your voice and commands. If your cat shows aggressiveness, use a firm and loud voice to say “stop” or “go away.” Some pet owners use whistles instead of uttering words for giving instructions. Be consistent and your cat will be able to recognize you as its master. Never hurt your pet.

  5. Be ready with treats for good behaviors. This is another way of encouraging your pet to continue to be good. Your cat will surely appreciate your kindness.

  6. Set a schedule for walking and running together outside the house. Exercise is vital for a cat’s health. Outdoor activities help your cat to express its aggressiveness. The energy must be spent wisely. This can also nurture your cat’s health. Once it’s tired, it can easily be confined to its own room.

  7. Supply your feline with a well-balanced diet. You may not be happy to see your little friend constipated and frail. Most cats can accidentally swallow their litter, hair and many other materials that could harm their health. Train your cat to eat its food in a bowl. Do not give your cat human food - it is not healthy!  Instead, allow it to occasionally enjoy its treats.

Controlling a cat’s behavior is not an easy task. You need to invest more effort if your cat is unruly. Techniques on how to control cat behavior can’t be manifested without your full time commitment and concern for your adopted little pet. However, you do it, just avoid hitting the cat.


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