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how to control diabetes

how to control diabetes

Diabetes is a dangerous disease which destroys your vitality little by little. Your medicines may not be sufficient to control the disease. How to control diabetes must be explored in detail to take advantage of what’s available. You may consider getting the services of a trusted endocrinologist, recommendations from a nutrition specialist, and the advice of a notable diabetes counselor. They will comprise your defense team in defeating the disease. The following recommendations are some guidance for you:

  1. Record your routines. You can start writing your diary to note your observations regarding effects of certain foods, your sleep pattern, and the physical activities you did. Get a home device to test your blood sugar at home. You must have this information handy during your next checkup with your doctor.

  2. Establish a system for food selections and schedules. It’s important not to miss any meal to prevent hypoglycemia from developing. Chocolates and candies cause hyperglycemia  so they must be avoided.


  3. Follow your doctor’s prescription. Dosages, timing, and the amount of insulin must be commensurate to the doctor’s recommendation. It’s wise to have a second opinion during the diagnosis period, but you must choose one doctor only for your maintenance checkup and prescriptions.

  4. Choose a doctor that you are comfortable with after asking people around the medical community. Once you’ve found the best doctor you are comfortable with, stay put. If ever you change your mind, disclose the treatments prescribed by your previous doctor.

  5. Never self-medicate. This could be deadly. Ask your doctor for his approval first if you intend to take multivitamins, anti-oxidants, zinc, and selenium supplements.

  6. Note the standard sugar levels in the blood. Readings should be below 120 mg. per deciliter before a meal and below 180 mg. per deciliter after a meal.

  7. Have a strict diet of nutritious foods only. Obesity and diabetes are a dangerous combination. Three small meals a day is a good standard. Nutritionists would limit your carbohydrates to fiber sources. Lean meat and fat from olive oil can be included in the menu. Drink lots of water and eat green, leafy vegetables. Take your meals at the same time every day.

  8. Don’t get stressed. Sleep well but not over eight hours a day at regular hours. Get busy but manage your time at work and at home. Have some recreation to avoid stress. Minimize alcohol and never drink at night. Cut down on caffeine. Substitute coffee with herbal tea instead.

  9. Get used to exercising often. You’ll be looking for the benefits of exercise when your system has already adjusted to it. Be creative with your exercise routine or have some friends join in for a change.

  10. Avoid injuries especially to the feet. Be aware if you develop blisters on your feet or anywhere else and inform your doctor. Comfortable footwear and socks will help.

  11. Maintain dental hygiene by going to the dentist as needed. Brush lightly but thoroughly after eating. Be careful not to have injuries to the gums. Floss to be safe from gum diseases.

  12. Check on bioenergetics and educate yourself with the information on this newer innovation.  If using bioenergetics can work for you, might as well give it a try.

How to control diabetes is now getting more advanced. The new allopathic care is worth trying, but it can only have a great impact when combined with all the other methods mentioned. Overcoming diabetes completely might not happen, but you can certainly live a quality life with diabetes if you are cautious about taking care of your body.


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