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how to control seizures

how to control seizures

A seizure is a sudden, neurological reaction after neurons are released in the brain. If the seizure attacks recur many times, that is called epilepsy. This unusual brain reaction results in convulsions in which the body experiences uncontrollable jerking, stiffening of the muscles, and unconsciousness. People diagnosed with this disorder must learn the techniques on how to control seizures. Seizure attacks can happen anytime. Sometimes the aftereffects are more dangerous than the seizure itself. If a person does not know how to manage seizure attacks, the risk of suffering a head injury is there. This is true because generally the attack can render the victim unconscious. In order to avoid further damage, the person suffering from the seizure should be familiar with the tips below:

  1. Consult a specialist. Someone expert in the field of neurological study is the right person to approach since seizures originate in the brain. The doctor can brief you on the causes, signs, symptoms, and possible medical treatment of seizures.

    You will also learn the factors that can trigger the occurrence of seizure attacks and how to properly deal with them. Likewise, the doctor can administer proper treatment and medication should your case warrant it.

  2. Know the factors that can trigger seizure attacks. Other than knowing how to deal with an impending seizure attack, know also the triggering factors which include: high sugar count; stress; excessive reading; quick, flashing lights; and fatigue. In women, seizure attacks can possibly occur during the menstrual period. It is called a catamenial epilepsy attack.

  3. Record the attacks. This is important so that the doctor can keep track of the progress of the treatment and medications administered to the patient. If the attacks are getting frequent, the dose of medication may be increased. Likewise, the record of seizure attacks can help explain the severity of the disorder and its deeper underlying causes.

  4. Take medications as prescribed. Seizure medications must be taken strictly and only upon the doctor’s prescriptions. If there are no more attacks, that doesn’t mean complete healing. The truth is that seizure drugs take time before they become therapeutic and effective. Once the drugs reach the therapeutic levels, the more that they should be taken regularly to maintain their efficiency. In effect, the frequency of the attacks is controlled.

  5. Maintain normal blood sugar levels. The Canadian Epilepsy Alliance declared that “Having low blood sugar levels can cause seizures.” With this, it is safe to say that maintaining normal, blood sugar levels can help control the incidence of seizures.

  6. Adopt a low-carb and high-protein diet regimen. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke mentioned that “Eating a diet low in carbohydrates and high in protein can reduce the number of seizures you experience.” This diet also helps in regulating cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

  7. Apply proper breathing techniques. There are two important breathing techniques that individuals suffering from a seizure disorder should learn:  nasal breathing and diaphragmatic breathing. First, practice breathing through the nose rather than through the mouth. According to normalbreathing.com, better breathing can prevent and control seizure attacks. Second, if there is an impending attack, the patient must relax his or her body, inhale slowly using the diaphragm, and after three seconds, exhale. This breathing technique can calm down the overexcited nerve cells and, in effect, the attack will subside eventually.

Seizure attacks are sudden, but they can be controlled. In fact, seizures can be prevented from occurring. The tips identified above on how to control seizures are helpful not only to people already afflicted with the disorder, but also to those who are at risk of developing seizures.


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