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how to control type 1 diabetes

how to control type 1 diabetes

Stress management is the major focus on how to control type 1 diabetes. Gone were the days when stress can just be ignored. Since it has been found to be a contributing factor to deadly diseases, it is just right to do something about it fast before it can do us harm. An individual’s capability in controlling his or her blood sugar will be hindered if stress gets in the way. Only a sound mind can beat stress, so it must be dealt with properly by doing the following strategies:

  1. Change what you can and accept what you can’t. Stress can happen even if we do not move. Worrying about problems that oftentimes are not happening yet is common among human beings. This is where positive thinking is vital. If we fill out minds with happy and nice things, our body will feel the positive effects. If we do the opposite, sadness, anxiety, and depression can sneak in. It is our decision to be happy or sad in a given time regardless of the situation. Make the best in everything that you do, and trust that things will be better always. Just don’t get stressed out, and you will control the symptoms of type 1 diabetes.


  2. Learn to cope with the remedies needed to control diabetes, but do live a quality life still. Diabetic people seem to feel helpless as they go about the daily routine recommended by the doctor. Food restrictions will already devastate many, although there are a few people who turn this unfortunate event into an opportunity by going through a healthy diet. They believe that it can change the existing state of the body to a healthy one. Clearly, you have a choice in which way you are going. To go along with the disease’s progression or put it to a halt by following all the methods to control type1 diabetes is everyone’s choice.

  3. Do something to augment life. Diabetes treatments and care can occupy most of your time if you focus more on the negative side. Since you need a stress-free life to counter-act the effects of diabetes, why not visit a friend or go for a massage? This is more fulfilling than sitting in front of the television all day during the weekend. If you love nature, go for a walk in public parks. Join a writing club if you are into writing, or compare notes with a friend who shares the same novel-reading hobby as you. Do not let the care for diabetes get in the way of a normal life. It’s all just a part of it.

  4. Pamper yourself with relaxing activities. You can do many exercises in the comfort of your own home like diaphragmatic breathing. You can just sit or lie on your back, inhale slowly through your nose until you can’t inhale any more, and release the air this time through the mouth after holding your breath for five counts. Observe that your body will feel lighter because the exercise enhances blood circulation and oxygenation. Do this several times on a daily basis.

  5. Relax progressively by stretching your body. Before sleeping, while in a lying position, flex and tense your muscles starting at either your feet or head area one by one for at least a ten-second interval for each muscle group for a ten-minute period. Then give yourself a few minutes of rest before starting to flex another part. You can start by flexing your calves and feet by extending and pulling them up. Follow next with tensing your thighs for ten seconds and then relax. Do this progressively up your body with the torso, arms, shoulders, back, neck, and head until you have penetrated all parts of the body that might be aching. This is actually a lazy stretching exercise that can also do some magic for relaxation.

Have fun and learn how to control type 1 diabetes by following the recommendations mentioned above.


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