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how to convert AVI to DVD

how to convert AVI to DVD

With the advent of digital technology, file sharing has become commonplace, especially with the internet and social networking sites. Because of this, software applications that allow you to do all sorts of editing and similar tasks, such as file compression and conversion, have also become commonplace, primarily to make file-sharing easy. With these applications easily available on the net, you no longer need to pay for a professional to do the job since these programs are actually very user friendly. In dealing with video formats for example, learning how to convert AVI to DVD is literally as easy as counting 1-2-3. Videos can come in different formats depending on the kind of quality you want. The smaller the video size, such as 3GP and MP4, the lower the quality. If you want your videos to be of high quality, this is when you go for file formats like AVI and DVD. Why convert AVI to DVD? AVI or Audio Video Interleave is a high quality video format, but most DVD players cannot read this format, so you will need to convert it into a DVD format. Here are easy steps to follow to convert a video file from AVI to DVD.

  1. Choose software. Search for free video converter software online. AVS is recommended since it is free, easy, and supports almost all video formats, such as DVD, AVI, MOV, XVID, MP4, WMV, 3GP, MPEG, AVCHD, QT, Blu-Ray, and FLV. There are several other free programs like Hamster or Freemake, and you can check out the user interface and see what suits you best.

  2. Download and install. There are software applications that can be run online, but a downloadable version is recommended for repeated use and ease of access (in case your internet connection is cut or lost for any reason, for example).

  3. Open the file and look for “add file” or something along those lines. Task bars are usually at the far left, and most user interfaces are very easy to figure out.

  4. Click the preferred video file output, which in this case is DVD. Some software programs give you advanced options to choose the kind of DVD file you want. As long as it is in some DVD format, it should work in most players.

  5. Click “convert” and wait for it to finish.

The good thing about these file converter software applications is not only that they are free, but they are also very useful in converting files to other formats. Usually, depending on the kind of device you want to watch you video in, a file conversion will be in order. For instance, mobile phones and mp3 players can only read files in 3GP and MP4 formats, while brand specific devices like Mac personal computers and laptops have specific file formats. Learning how to convert AVI to DVD and to other file formats is a very practical skill to learn.


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