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how to convert music into ringtones

how to convert music into ringtones

All phones come with default ringtones that many are sick of. Knowing how to convert music into ringtones lets you use any type of audio files to customize the sounds of your phone. Often, smartphones can just assign music files as ringtones or provide a built-in app to convert them. However, for an iPhone user, ringtones have a specific file type. Generally, they are AAC files with the extension “m4r.” This article will guide you on converting mp3s to an iPhone ringtone.

  1. First, you need iTunes installed on your computer. It is a media player program from Apple that allows easy syncing with any apple gadget. Change the preferences to make sure the import or convert option is set to AAC, which is usually the default for iTunes.

  2. Find the song or songs you want in your music library and convert the song you want to AAC.

  3. To convert the AAC file to a ringtone, find the actual file on your computer and not in iTunes.

    hen change the file extension to “.m4r,” which usually can be done by renaming the file and typing that in at the end.

  4. Next, add this new file to your iTunes library and then upload it to your iPhone to enjoy your custom music ringtones.

Learning how to convert music into ringtones is a snap. It doesn’t take long, and the benefits are well worth it.


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