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how to convert VHS tapes to DVD

how to convert VHS tapes to DVD

Any video presentation in VHS format is more of a vintage concept and old video technology. The trend now in video presentation is DVD format. Be that as it may, you do not have to throw away your VHS tapes or even your VHS player; rather keep them for purposes of antiquity. Also, why not try learning how to convert VHS tapes to DVD? Such an undertaking is actually a very practical approach to keeping your older video files using the current video technology. Truly, converting your VHS tapes into DVD format is the smartest thing to do if you want to maintain the picture quality of your treasured movie files or any VHS video presentation. Here are the steps you can try to convert your VHS files into DVD format.

  1. Choose the VHS tapes you want to convert. Why do you need to choose which tape or tapes to convert? This is because converting pre-recorded movies might lead to violation of copyright laws. Thus, only home videos and home movies are usually allowed to be converted into DVD format.

  2. Select the right conversion process.

    You may use either combination unit machine, VHS to M-PEG conversion, or video camera in your conversion process. Either of the three should work for you conveniently.

  3. Use a combination unit machine conversion. A combination unit will allow you to convert VHS tapes into DVD formats more easily. If your DVD/VHS combination unit has a recording option, just insert a blank DVD-RW or DVD-R into the DVD tray of the machine. Then insert the VHS tape you want to convert into DVD format. Just follow all the instructions in your combination unit manual on how to complete the conversion process.

    So far, this is the easiest and the fastest way to convert VHS tapes into DVD format. The only drawback is that you cannot edit the video files, if you want to, later on.

  4. Conversion with the use of camcorder. A quality digital video recorder can also be used to convert your VHS tapes to DVD. With the use of your composite video cables – red, yellow, and the white cables, you can connect your VCR and your camcorder.

    Plug the composite video cables into the “Out” port of your VCR player and into the “In” port of your video recorder. While you play your VCR, record it with your video recorder or camcorder. After the recording has completed, connect your camcorder or video recorder to your computer and transfer the recorded files. Once the transfer is done, burn the files onto a DVD-RW or DVD-R disc. After burning, the video file is now stored, in DVD format, of course.

  5. Conversion via M-PEG software. First, you have to download the required M-PEG software. Choose the kind of M-PEG software that is compatible with your computer system and devices. Second, attach the VHS/DVD converter to your computer and your VHS player. When the conversion starts, the files are captured in the computer and can now be converted into an M-PEG file. Third, edit your video as desired.

    Finally, burn your M-PEG video material into a DVD disc. You may use DVD-RW or DVD-R in the burning process.

Converting your VHS tapes to DVD is a matter of preserving previous video files. The life span of your VHS tapes can only be expected to last for two to three years and keeping them beyond that period can be costly. In fact, whatever maintenance you give to your VHS tapes, the film will really deteriorate over time. The different ways we have just discussed on how to convert VHS tapes to DVD can be really useful to you. If you want your home videos and home movies to last for a lifetime, then converting them into DVD video format is the answer.


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