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how to cook a sweet potato in the microwave

how to cook a sweet potato in the microwave

Once you learn how to cook a sweet potato in the microwave, you will find that the process is both fun and easy to do at home. The secret rests in selecting the right type of potato and method of cooking. With the use of a modern microwave, you can easily add a nutritious potato dish to your family’s daily meals. In addition, microwave cooking is less messy. The sweet potato is enriched with Vitamins A and C, which are useful antioxidants. The main function of antioxidants is to drive away the damaging free radicals from the body. Therefore, sweet potatoes may improve the health of those suffering from ulcers, diabetes, internal and external inflammation and arthritis. Moreover, scientific studies show that this kind of potato greatly reduces the risk of cancer. Here are the essential steps to cooking a sweet potato in a microwave.

  1. Choose the sweet potatoes you’ll cook. The chosen sweet potatoes must be similar in shape and size. Their thickness must also be fairly even from one side to the other side. Mixing smaller sizes with bigger sizes will not yield good results; they will cook unevenly.


  2. Wash the sweet potatoes. Notice that the sweet potatoes in the supermarket are not clean. This is to reduce the possibility of damaging the outer layer of the potatoes. You can use a vegetable brush to take away dirt and all other root hairs while rinsing each potato in running water. Make sure all residues are removed from the skin.

    Also, the “jackets” of sweet potatoes must be prepared in order to avoid vitamin loss and to preserve the natural sweetness just beneath the outer covering. Pierce the skin of each potato several times with a fork.

  3. Arrange the sweet potatoes into a microwave-safe container. Observe equal spacing between potatoes to encourage good cooking. You can use wax paper or a paper towel to cover the potatoes. This covering formula can help in generating moisture while cooking.

  4. Start cooking. The cooking period largely depends on the size and shape of the potatoes you are cooking. Generally, the appropriate cooking time could be anywhere from seven to 10 minutes. You can flip over the potatoes halfway through the cooking cycle to encourage even cooking.

  5. Test the sweet potatoes. It is possible that the potatoes look very tender externally, while the inner parts remain uncooked. The microwave can only penetrate two inches inside the food. Hence, in testing, pierce a potato with a knife. If the knife is able to go through easily, the potato is well cooked. If not, you should cook for another few minutes.

  6. Serve the dish. Be careful in serving because the dish is hot. While serving, you can also provide salt, butter and pepper if desired.

Note that the carotenoid content of sweet potato can greatly aid the body in stabilizing blood sugar. Its fibrous content is likewise very significant in promoting a good digestive system. The fibers flush out arsenic metal and mercury from the human digestive tract. Furthermore, emphysema and other lung disorders associated with smoking are suspected to occur due to an insufficient supply of Vitamin A in the body. Thus, smokers are strongly advised to increase their intake of sweet potatoes every day. People who are always on the go will benefit from learning how to cook a sweet potato in the microwave. Even if they don’t have enough time to prepare healthy dishes, cooking a sweet potato only requires 10 to 15 minutes.


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