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How to Cook Black Eyed Peas

How to Cook Black Eyed Peas

Black eyed peas have got to be eaten on New Year’s Day to bring in abundance. This is a belief among many people in the Southern part of America, where the legend behind it took place. It was during the civil war when the tyrant General Sherman commanded his troops to destroy everything edible by burning it. It did not occur to the Union soldiers that black-eyed peas could be eaten because they were only familiar with the varieties from England. So the survivors were able to thrive on them when the enemies left the scene on New Year’s Day. That was regarded as a blessing – that’s why learning how to cook black eyed peas is important, especially if the New Year is approaching. Here’s an easy but satisfying recipe you should try:

  1. Avail yourself of these simple ingredients. You don’t have to, but you can elaborate on the ingredients if you like. You will basically need one pound of black eyed peas, a quarter pound of pork or bacon bits, jalapenos, a small tomato, fresh pepper and salt.

  2. Cook the black eyed peas more than you usually would if they are dried.

    is by adding double the amount of water instead of just enough to cover them. Let them boil and lower the heat to simmer until the beans are soft and on the verge of being disfigured. The simmering can take to up to one and a half hours or more for dried black eyed peas.

  3. Heat up the pieces of pork or bacon without cooking oil in a large pan. After around four minutes of cooking, you will notice fat coming out of the pieces of meat. Turn them over to cook all sides. They are done when they look crispy.

  4. Drain the semi-cooked peas and add them to the crispy pieces of meat. Stir the mixture to distribute the grease. This should give additional flavor to the mixture.

  5. Enhance the taste by adding slices of fresh pepper and tomato. They will merge well into the beans when cut in cubes. Their striking colors will make the dish look enticing – not to mention that they will also improve the texture of the mixture. You can add some vegetables too if you want more fiber in your food.

  6. Add some more water, and make sure that it covers the peas once more. Cover them while cooking to make them cook faster. Once they start to boil, lower the heat and simmer for up to forty-five minutes.

  7. Entice your diners by serving the black eyed peas with hot sauce, bread and any side dishes you can think of. If you are up to serving them with beverages, juices or home-made drinks, so much the better. This feast should be enough for at least six people.

You should learn how to cook black eyed peas, not because you want to be rich, but so that you can give other people the satisfaction of eating your black eyed pea dish in your home. This is a kind of prosperity. You can fill-up empty stomachs quite easily just by cooking this basic dish. It will not cost you a lot of money, but every time you cook it, you will feel powerful in your ability to provide for a group of people. This will even be more memorable if you prepare the dish when it’s freezing cold. It will be a glorious feeling for you and your visitors to savor your dish and feel it energize your bodies. That will help to neutralize the intense cold.


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