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How To Cook Chicken Wings

How To Cook Chicken Wings

In any restaurant you see, one of the most common foods readily served on the table is a chicken wing recipe. Thousands of American people are surely in love with their tastiest chicken wings, whether they are just having a movie marathon at home or into a casual home party. Others prefer such food as an appetizer in each meal of the day. More and more people are eager to know the top secrets on how to cook chicken wings. The truth is that there are many ways and techniques on how to deliciously prepare chicken wings. You can have it fried on Monday, baked Wednesday, broiled on Friday, and make out the best grilled chicken wings on Sunday. Nonetheless, let us focus on the following three cooking styles, and hopefully, these will help you out in your meal plans.

  1. Cooking chicken wings in your oven. The first part of this cooking style is to remove the wings from the whole chicken body part, then remove the tip potion of each wing because that part is very quick to burn. At least four pounds of chicken wings is a good start.

    Get a durable and sealable plastic purse and put into it your chicken wings along with the flavorful hot sauce, preferably Louisiana hot sauce or Tabasco sauce, then shake well until each piece is evenly covered with the sauce. Let the chicken wings stay in the refrigerator for four hours or more or even overnight. What is important is you shake the plastic bag from time to time so that the sauce won’t be concentrated in just one area.

    Thereafter, while draining your chicken wings so that the remaining sauce will be removed, turn in your oven to 400 degrees. After draining, put in a little salt and pepper to taste and two teaspoons of garlic powder. Then coat each piece with a cup of all-purpose flour mixture until you complete all pieces.

    Arrange the chicken wings into the wire rack of the roasting pan, and then start baking for about 45 minutes. While cooking, you can try turning the chicken wings once. Notice when each wing is starting to get brown until finally cooked. Take them out from the oven, serve, and enjoy eating!

  2. The classic deep-fry cooking style. This is much simpler to do compared to other recipes, and you can perfectly do this cooking style every day.

    Cut each wing into two less the tip portions. In your deep frying pan start boiling at least six cups of oil or more depending on how many chicken wings you will fry, until the temperature slowly gets to 380 degree Fahrenheit. Put in the chicken wings one by one, without necessarily overcrowding the kettle space, and allow sufficient frying period to run between seven to 10 minutes.

    By the time the chicken wings start to get golden in appearance and the texture becomes crispy, transfer them to your paper towel so that the remaining oil can be drained thoroughly.

    To enjoy the taste of your food, get a half-cup of hot sauce and one cup of butter and mix thoroughly. The butter must be melted so it will easily combine with the hot sauce. Dip the chicken into it before every bite and that’s it. Provide also a buffalo sauce if you have one. Happy eating!

  3. The grilled cooking style. This is another simple cooking session. Get your chicken wings and soak them completely into your favorite hot sauce like Piri-Piri sauce or Tabasco sauce. The soaking period can last for the whole night. But if you prefer each wing to really absorb the sauce, then let it stay there for another 24-hour.

    On your scheduled cooking time, start the grill and do the grilling between seven to 10 minutes on one side and another seven to 10 minutes on the other side, until you notice that the internal temperature of each chicken wing is getting closer to 165 degree Fahrenheit.

    Once cooked, each piece must be coated again with a mixture of butter and hot sauce. Serve it with your favorite cheese dressing and homemade chips.

Whether your purpose is to treat your family and relatives on a weekend or to prepare for a little party, don’t forget to include chicken wings in your menu. You see, knowing how to cook chicken wings is really worth it. Your cooking experience must not only be fun but it must be fulfilling as well. Happy cooking!


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