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how to cook dried broad beans

how to cook dried broad beans

The broad bean is also called the fava bean and sometimes, horse bean. It is both a vetch, which means that it belongs to the pea family and a legume as well. Today, broad beans are known as one of the best vegetative protein sources. There are also two kinds of broad beans: the fresh ones and the dried ones. Dried ones are more available because they have a longer shelf life. If you know how to cook dried broad beans properly, you will discover there are many ways to incorporate the food into your diet. The versatility of the dried broad bean is very evident in the modern world of cooking. It has become one of the major components of several recipes, including soups, stews and even pasta dishes. In some countries, such as India, dried beans are often served as a traditional street food. In addition, for most vegetarians, broad beans are an excellent substitute for their protein sources. However, broad beans, like any other types of beans, can aggravate the conditions of those suffering from arthritis and rheumatism. Although there is a standard procedure that you have to follow before cooking dried broad beans, you can cook them any way you want.

Here are some tips on the basic steps:

  1. Inspect the beans that you have bought. Check for any rotten ones. You will be able to spot them easily because they have different colors. Afterward, rinse the remaining beans thoroughly.

  2. Now, this tip has always been effective in softening beans. In a large bowl, soak the beans in cold water, preferably overnight. This method also reduces gas produced by eating beans. Soaking the beans will enhance the release of certain enzymes that are beginning to break down from complex to simple sugar. The bean’s complex sugar is the main reason for indigestion and increased flatulence. Soaking them will decrease the complex sugar by up to 60 percent.

  3. After soaking them overnight, you will notice that the beans have doubled in size due to the absorbed water. Rinse the beans two or three times or until the water becomes clear. Drain thoroughly.

  4. There are many ways to cook dried broad beans. The best way is to bring them to a boil. Taste the beans from time to time until they have a firm texture and cooked taste.

  5. After doing this, you can actually add them to the meal that you are cooking, whether it is a stew, pasta or soup. However, if you are adding the beans to a different dish, you must take into consideration the additional cooking time. If you overcook the beans, they become soggy. Adjust the cooking time appropriately.

  6. When boiling dried broad beans, never use too much water. Use just enough water to reach one inch above the level of the beans. Then, if the water level becomes low, just add small amounts to restore the original level.

  7. Another tip is to avoid adding salt or any seasoning to the beans until they are cooked completely. The salt or the seasoning will prevent the beans from absorbing water, hence making them hard and raw. Make sure that the beans are at the desired texture and consistency before seasoning.

If you know how to cook dried broad beans, you can cook most types of beans. In most cases, they involve the same process and cooking techniques.


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