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how to cook fish in a pan

how to cook fish in a pan

Cooking fish in a pan is a very basic cooking technique. Frying is the most common method. No matter how simple, some cooks still end up ruining fried fish! You can fry a whole fish or thinly sliced fish fillets, but the average frying time should be around five minutes. Cooking time varies for fishes above the regular size. Bigger fishes needs more time, more oil and a bigger pan. Here is how to cook fish in a pan:

  1. Use plain or light olive oil when frying fish in a pan. Almond oil can also give a distinctive taste to the fish. There are also cheaper alternatives for cooking oils, such as the ones made from corn or other vegetables.

  2. Defrost frozen fish. Soak in cold running water or transfer it from the freezer to the refrigerator the night before cooking.

  3. Slice fish fillets at least one-inch thick or less. The thinner the cut, the better. They will be cooked in no time. Just don’t over-fry it.

    It should be crunchy from the outside and a little soft in the inside.

  4. Use eggs, milk, bread crumbs and lemon as breading. Beat the eggs, add milk and pinch some lemon on it. Season the fish with salt, pepper, paprika, lemon or any other seasonings you wish to enhance the taste. Dip the fish fillets into the mixture then coat them with bread crumbs.

  5. Set the stove up to medium heat and bring the oil to shimmer. Stoves that take time to heat up at initial ignition must be set to medium-high so as not to delay the process too long. You can switch it back to medium when you reach the ideal temperature to make sure that the inside part is also cooked.

  6. The slices of fish must not touch when arranged in the hot pan. The slices of fish may stick together when the egg mixture is still wet. There must be enough space for easy flipping from one side to the other.

  7. Flip the fish when ready. Feel it through and if it does not stick, it’s the right time to turn it to the other side, revealing the brownish color of the cooked side. It should not take more than five minutes.

  8. Spread the paper towel on the surface and place the freshly fried fish fillets on top of it. Scatter them within the paper towel and pat the upper sides with another piece of paper towel. This will remove excess oil from the fish fillets.

  9. Serve the sizzling hot fish fillets on a serving platter. Portioning will not be necessary if you have enough for everybody. Just let your guests take their share from the platter following their hearts’ content. They will surely appreciate your generosity for this very delicious meal.

How to cook fish in a pan is one cooking method that has been mastered by many people. Once you are confident with the procedure, be creative with your recipes. Add some twists to surprise your regular guests. Your efforts will be greatly appreciated.


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