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how to cook prime rib

how to cook prime rib

Professional caterers usually have industrialized ovens – special upright ovens that can easily continue to cook for as long as necessary. These ovens will also keep meats warm for the longest time. The long-slow method, which involves cooking the meat in 200 degrees, is what most culinary cooks are doing for mass production. It’s the same process as barbecuing meats in an oven.  There are many ways how to cook prime rib cuts, but the long-slow method is not for home kitchens. The medium-heat method is the more appropriate technique for the home front. You only have to cook steadily at 325 degrees. This will take around 17 minutes. It will be ready when the internal temperature reaches 125 degrees. This method is also known as searing – a cooking technique in which the surface of the meat is cooked at high temperature to create crust. The meat surface must exceed 300 degrees to obtain the brownish look. The meat surface must be free from water when searing.  Here are the ways:

  1. Prime ribs are so good that you won’t need much to make them succulent.

    r salt and freshly cracked black pepper are all you need to season a nine pounds standing rib roast with seven rib bones. Make sure that they are trimmed but leave one-fourth inch of exterior fat. The fat will grease the roast to avoid over drying.

  2. Separate the meat and the rib bones by asking the butcher to remove the “chine” bone. This is the attachment of the ribs at the bottom part of the rib cage. Keep the meat moist and flavorful by putting it back into the bone cradle. Tie the meat into the bones with a string for a steady process. This will keep them together, allowing the meat to absorb minerals from the bones – the secret to better tasting prime rib roast.

  3. Pre-heat the oven to 450 degrees while arranging the meat into a roasting pan. The side with traces of fats must be positioned up and the bones down. Sprinkle some salt and pepper, then you can start roasting for 30 minutes. Good tasting prime ribs always carry their original meat flavor and not the taste of strong spices alone.

  4. Cook for 13 minutes more per pound but reduce the heat to 325 degrees. Once the internal temperature reaches 125 degrees, check the meat for rare to medium rare requests. Get a digital internal thermometer to measure cooking time accurately. You can never go wrong relying on the internal temperature.

  5. Take the roasted prime rib out of the oven. Let it rest before carving. You can make gravy using the remaining pan drippings. Untie the knots and slice the meat to the appropriate slices. Cut through the ribs as well and serve separately from the meat. This is sufficient to serve 10 people.

Learning how to cook prime rib is quite manageable for attentive cooks. If you follow each step and take note of timings, you’ll get it right on your first try. You might not have heavy-duty cooking equipment, but you can make excellent roasts with quality meats. You are always a winner in the kitchen if you have an eye for quality foods.


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