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How to Cook Rib Roast

How to Cook Rib Roast

Rib roast is a prime cut in beef. It is usually cooked during special occasions and served to special guests. There are plenty of ways on how to cook a rib roast. In whatever way you want to cook yours, the most important aspect of your recipe is to preserve the level of tenderness in the meat. In addition, the key to keeping the delightful taste of rib roast lies in the preparation and cooking method. In the United States, rib roasts are usually sold in big restaurants. Authentic rib roasts are labeled by the USDA with its prime seal. Unfortunately, rib roasts are only available in small quantities. You can buy these good beef meat cuts in butcher shops and big grocery stores. Note that not all rib roasts are cut equal, so you must choose the best fresh cut. Rib roast can be cooked in an oven, rotisserie or in a simple barbecue grill. What makes roasted cow rib extra tasty is the quality of the meat itself. The fats of the meat, once melted, will give moisture to the meat. Observe that when the roast rib is properly marinated with special juices, spices and other ingredients, the taste of the juice and fats will blend together and make a delightful taste.

The following steps will serve as your guide on how to cook rib roast.

  1. Prepare the rib roast. Gather your butter, red pepper, crushed garlic, dressing, Worcestershire sauce, bottled Cajun rub, pepper, salt, cayenne paper, minced onion, paprika and Cajun seasoning. All these must be mixed into a bowl where the rib roast meat will be marinated. The better the preparation, the tastier the rib roast will be.

  2. Refrigerate overnight. Allow the mixture of sauce and seasoning to penetrate into the meat. Better sauce and seasoning absorption will bring out the meatÂ’s best taste, especially when it is prepared over a slow fire. Refrigerate the marinated meat all night.

  3. Melt the ice. Obviously, after the overnight refrigeration, the marinated meat must have become harder, as well as the sauce and seasoning mix. Allow the meat to regain its tenderness for a period of 45 minutes.

  4. Preheat the oven, the rotisserie or the grill. The secret to cooking the best rib roast is to pre-heat. The pre-heating must be done up to the desired heating temperature or just follow the pre-heating temperature recommended by your cookbook. Too much heat will unnecessarily burn the meat.

  5. Add butter and apply sauces. Just before you will roast the meat, put butter on the ends of the protruding bones and wipe the entire meat with sauces.

  6. Insert the meat thermometer. The thermometer must be inserted into the meat until the tip reaches the center part of the rib roast. The meat thermometer will serve as temperature indicator as you cook the meat over a minimal heat.

  7. Roast the meat for a specific period of time. The length of time needed for roasting depends on the size of the meat. For best results, one-pound rib roast must be slowly cooked for 20 minutes. For rare meat, the heat must be set at 125 degrees Fahrenheit; for medium rare, set the heat at 135 degrees Fahrenheit; for medium, set the heat at 145 degrees Fahrenheit; for medium-well, set the heat at 155 degrees Fahrenheit; and for a well-cooked rib roast, set the heat at 160 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit. When roasting, the appropriate heat temperature is very important. Once cooked, the meat must be tender, juicy and tasty.

These are the required steps on how to cook rib roast. Regardless of the type of roaster equipment you use, what matters most is the preparation of the meat. Always observe slow cooking and proper heat temperature. You are now ready to surprise your guests during the holiday season. Roast the tastiest rib roast ever!


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