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how to cook rice in a microwave

how to cook rice in a microwave

Rice bowls make healthy and tasty dishes during lunch and dinner, especially for people living in the Asian countries. Rice is likewise a popular food in some parts of Africa and South America. Nevertheless, wherever you are, it is very important that you know how to cook rice in a microwave, especially if you are always in a hurry. Many healthful benefits can be derived from rice. A cup of rice in every meal can give the body instant energy. While it improves bowel movement, rice also serves as body fuel and assists the proper functioning of the human brain. It can also stabilize the level of blood sugar in the body. Rice contains Vitamins B1 and D, fiber, thiamine, iron, calcium, riboflavin, and niacin. Here’s how to cook rice in your microwave.

  1. Measure the rice you’ll cook. If you are cooking for yourself, your spouse, and two kids, 2 cups of rice will suffice. Remember that every cup of raw rice is equivalent to almost one and three-fourths cup of well-cooked rice.

  2. Rinse the rice.

    strong> You should rinse the rice using a fine sieve before cooking it. Use running water in rinsing until the water turns clear. If you bought rice in a big sack or pack, the rice probably has acquired dirt, especially during packing and re-packing. In addition, there is no guarantee that the packing materials or sacks used by the rice store are clean.

  3. Use a large microwavable bowl. After draining the rice, transfer it to your microwavable bowl. After you have poured the rice, the bowl should just be half-filled or less. If over half of the bowl is filled, overflowing will occur later. Remember that the grains will actually expand in size; therefore, you should use large bowl.

  4. Add the appropriate amount of water. This part of cooking is very crucial. The amount of water you’ll add for microwave cooking is different than when you cook on a stove. Since you’ll cook two cups of rice, you should add three and a half to four cups of water. Generally, every cup of rice needs one and three-fourths cup of water. Moreover, you can add butter, margarine or salt for taste.

  5. Cover the bowl. The lid must be microwave-safe. You can also use double-layered plastic wrap. Although it is necessary to trap steam, the lid should not be airtight; the bowl has to release steam while cooking. Use a piece of baking paper, preferably non-stick, to catch spills while cooking.

  6. Cook the rice. For your two cups of rice, turn on the microwave to a high setting and cook for about 12 minutes. After that period, leave the bowl inside the microwave for a few minutes. The trapped steam will completely cook the rice. Shortly thereafter, remove the bowl. Serve the rice while hot and enjoy your meal.

Rice has two main categories – white rice and whole grain rice. White grain rice is less nutritional because it is processed when the outer coverings of the grains were taken off, whereas whole grain rice is more nutritional because it is not processed. Western people tend to enjoy short and medium-sized grains, while Indians and Chinese prefer long-grained rice on their cuisines. Knowing how to cook rice in microwave provides many health benefits, including a reduced risk of cancer. Make sure that you have a cup of brown whole grain rice in every meal; it is enriched with insoluble fibers that combat cancer.


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