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how to cook shrimp in a pan

how to cook shrimp in a pan

One of the most effective ways to satisfy your dinner guests is to prepare dishes that are tasty and mouth-watering; shrimp must be on top of that list. As long as you know how to cook shrimp in a pan, then you can be sure to serve something special to your visitors. In the U.S., pan cooked shrimp or prawns with garlic and butter is called scampi. There are several ways to cook shrimp. Some people love to boil, broil, grill or fry shrimp. However, cooking shrimp in a pan seems to be the most popular method. Before you can start cooking shrimp, you must follow several procedures. Also, keep in mind that shrimps are perishable, so you should use them within a few days. Just keep your fresh shrimps refrigerated.

  1. Defrosting process: This procedure can last 14 to 24 hours. But, if you like, you can place the frozen shrimps into a pot containing cold water. In this manner, allow each pound of shrimp to thaw for at least an hour. The most important note to remember is to avoid using hot or warm water, which will partially cook the shrimp.

    Once thawed, avoid re-refrigerating the shrimps. At any rate, when you cook, the shrimp should smell like sea-air, free from ammonia or acid.

  2. Shelling process: This process can be done either before or after cooking. Shelling involves the removal of the shrimp’s head and legs. If you are shelling before cooking, be extra careful while pulling off the legs; you don’t want to damage the meat. Hold the shrimp’s tail and remove the shell. In most cooking styles, the tail is usually left intact to improve the presentation of the dish. If desired, just twist the lower part of the shrimp to remove the tail.

  3. Deveining process: Once the shell is completely removed, make a lengthwise cut on the outer curve of the shrimp’s body. You will see the shrimp’s intestines, which looks like a black ribbon-cord running through the sliced portion. That vein must be removed using your finger or any pointed utensil. People who are experts in deveining can remove the vein through the head or tail without even cutting the shrimp. The veins of large shrimps can be gritty at times. Still, the choice is yours whether to remove the veins or to keep them intact.

  4. Butterfly-cut process: If you have kept the tail intact, the butterfly cut is much easier to do. Hold the shrimp in your hand and start cutting from the tail to the head, following the outer curve of the body. The cut should not be too deep. All you need is to spread the meat apart while the two sides of the cut are still connected like a butterfly. The best way to do this is to begin with a shallow cut and then get a little deeper until the meat is well sliced. The butterfly-cut cooking technique is very effective for broiling and grilling shrimp.

  5. Prepare the necessary cooking items: Before cooking, wash the shrimps first. Prepare your large skillet, olive oil, a small amount of fresh coconut milk, a slice of butter, a piece of garlic and your desired seasoning.

  6. Start cooking: Using the large skillet, heat the olive oil. Add the garlic then the butter. After the butter is melted and the garlic looks a little brownish, pour the fresh coconut milk. Once it starts to boil, add the shrimps and the seasoning. Cook for four to five minutes. When the shrimps look opaque (or the shells turn orange or bright pink), they are ready to serve.

The steps on how to cook shrimp in a pan are very simple. The procedures you have to go through before you can start cooking look somewhat complicated; however, once you master them, cooking shrimp would surely be fun and rewarding.


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