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How To Cook Steak On The Stove

How To Cook Steak On The Stove

Grilled steaks are superb, not only in taste but also in terms of health. You might as well know how to cook a steak on the stove when the situation calls for it. Make sure you have quality meat before starting. Seasonings can also add to its flavor, but the right cooking techniques are essential to the outcome. Check these procedures out – you might still be missing one step or two.

  1. Only buy beautifully marbled raw beef steaks. You’ll need two tablespoon of olive oil for one-inch thick of steak. Use a cast-iron pan to cook evenly. A heavy-bottomed pan will also do. Have that meat thermometer and aluminum foil handy in the kitchen while cooking the steak.

  2. Allow the meat to reach room temperature if it has been refrigerated. It’s challenging to cook chilled meat evenly. Season with salt and pepper only. These should be enough when you are cooking quality meats. You can also coat them with seasoned steak powder or liquid marinade before cooking to create variations. It will be a little crunchy with the dry rub, while the marinade will make it juicier.


  3. Use medium heat to prepare two tablespoons of olive oil using a cast-iron skillet or a heavy-bottomed pan. These two kinds of cooking equipment distribute the heat well, thus helping in cooking the steak evenly. Place the seasoned steak in the pan when the oil starts to shimmer. Do not do it prematurely. The oil must be hot enough to prevent the steak from sticking to the pan.

  4. Cook according to your diners’ individual preferences. Steak will need to be cooked around 10 minutes, or until the internal temperature reaches 130 degrees Fahrenheit, for medium-rare. Twelve minutes, or 140 degrees Fahrenheit, will make it medium; and 14 minutes, or 160 degrees Fahrenheit, will result in a well-done steak. Cook both sides of the steaks by turning them halfway.

  5. Take the steak out of the pan when done cooking. Lay an estimated cut of aluminum foil to cover the cooked steak loosely. The steaks must rest for at least five minutes before serving; this will allow the flavors to set in. You can also marinate the steaks with their own fat drippings. Remove the aluminum foil after the resting period.

  6. Garnish with buttered or steamed vegetables on the sides, plus your choice of potato serving. Mashed, steamed or sautéed are all good options, and they go well with pan-fried steaks. Arrange neatly on a large plate because a good preparation set-up can be very appetizing. Your cooking will be irresistible to your patrons.

Learning how to cook steak on the stove is common in every household. Wrapping the steaks with aluminum foil might be an extra task, but this serves a very relevant purpose. It’s best not to jeopardize the taste of your steaks by missing this one simple step. Observe the correct cooking times according your guests’ preferences. We all have different preferences, even on our steaks. 


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