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how to cook sweet rice

how to cook sweet rice

There are various ways how to cook sweet rice depending on your cultural heritage. In most rice-eating countries in Asia, glutinous rice is used together with coconut milk to create desserts. You can have it steamed or boiled, sweetened with sugar or prepared with fruits. Raisins are good ingredients for sweet rice – a good alternative for oatmeals for breakfast. You may use left-over rice or newly cooked rice. Here’s how to make it more delicious for four people:

  1. Measure your ingredients first to get the right proportions. Two cups rice, three cups milk, half a cinnamon stick, four tablespoons sugar, raisins and vegetables are all you need to create a hefty breakfast for four. This is a very simple meal that can be made special with some fresh additions. You can add anything to the sweet rice that you would add to your oatmeal. The choice is yours – just have the fruits peeled and sliced into bite sizes for dining comfort.

  2. Rinse the two cups of rice with running water.

    d four cups of water and bring to a boil. Load half a cinnamon stick and cover. Lower the heat to simmer for about 15 minutes. Check if the rice is cooked. If the grains are not yet soft, simmer for few more minutes. Add more water if the mixture is too dry. Boiling cooked rice will be a lot faster, and they will create a much softer mixture as well. They are both good depending on each person’s personal preference.

  3. Pour in three cups of milk to the softened rice and add four tablespoons of sugar. You can use coconut milk for a more exotic effect. You can also use brown sugar for a healthier meal. Dissolve the sugar by stirring the mixture well. You will notice that the mixture will get creamier over time. Continue mixing while simmering to make the mixture consistent. Never let it become too dry or too watery.

  4. Continue to simmer for five more minutes. Once you get the right texture, turn off the heat and let it cool for 10 minutes. Serve in bowls with additional cinnamon and sugar in separate containers; sprinkle these extra ingredients on the dish. Raisins and choices of seasonal fruits are great additions to the servings. They can be displayed on separate platters. These are ideal toppings for the sweet rice. It is best to let your guests make their own sweet rice combinations.

  5. Put a saucer under the bowl. The saucer will give your guests a place to rest their dessert spoons and help them handle the hot bowl. It will also look very presentable to your guests. Food presentation really matters in your servings.

Learning how to cook sweet rice might be very basic, but for those who are not used to it, these steps will be very useful. Experiment the first time you go through the procedure. Perhaps boiling a half-cup of rice will be a nice start. It will be easier to do the stirring when there’s less rice. Tasting your finished product with the fruits that you have in stock will give you an idea of which fruits best complement the dish.


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