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how to cook vegetarian meals

how to cook vegetarian meals

A vegetarian meal is a dish or a meal that meets the vegetarian standards, which exclude meat and any animal tissue products. There are many different types of vegetarians with varying restrictions. The steps on how to cook vegetarian meals depend on which restrictions you are following. Some vegetarians are lacto-ovo vegetarians who allow room for eggs and dairy products in their diets. On the other hand, veganism and fruitarianism excludes all animal products. Certain foods that are common to all vegetarians include cereals, fruits, vegetables, nuts, soy products, mushrooms and the like. Protein is the one element that is most omitted in a vegetarian diet, so vegetarians will have to look for alternatives like peas and legumes. You must always ensure that the body receives the proper nutrients. Cooking vegetarian meals is very simple. The key is to pay special attention to the ingredients you use. Here are some tips to guide you while you cook your vegetarian meals:

  1. Plan your meals ahead. Sometimes, the tricky part in preparing vegetarian meals is maintaining variety in regards to ingredients.

    Since you are limited in this aspect, you have to plan ahead to purchase the items you need. Research if necessary.

  2. Be as simple as you want. Sandwiches are snacks that you don’t have to worry about. You can use jams or vegetable salads with bread. The key to vegetarian meals is to make the most of your options.

  3. Make use of alternatives. For example, Portobello mushrooms are known to taste like meat. Grill some mushrooms and make burgers out of them. In this way, you can experience the taste of meat without actually eating the real thing. You can also slice the mushrooms up and combine them with a healthy lettuce salad with croutons.

  4. Stir fry is also one of your best friends. Vegetables are very easy to cook as long as you give them justice. Never overcook them. Stir-fry is the best way to make sure that everything cooks properly and remains crispy. Add in some condiments such as soy and oyster sauce.

  5. Since some vegetarians can eat fish and seafood, experiment with those foods. Steam, broil, fry and bake different dishes. Experiment with sauces. You can even try out some recipes that use meat and just use fish as a substitute. Just make sure that you adjust the seasonings to suit your tastes.

  6. Don’t forget to include dessert! This is that one section of food wherein you can dig into every dish. Unless you exclude egg and milk from your diet, you can try out cakes, cupcakes, crepe and ice creams.

Being a vegetarian has its pros and cons. While your diet options are limited, avoiding meat can improve your health in certain areas. For example, you will have a reduced chance of suffering from heart problems. After you learn how to cook vegetarian meals, you’ll discover you have more options than you originally thought.


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