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how to cope being single

how to cope being single

A lot of unmarried women past the age of 30 are panicking when they realize that all their friends already got married except them. This will drive them into actions of being desperate for the right man. This can be very obvious to their male counterparts making their quest to get married more difficult, if not impossible. How to cope being single must be considered as a blessing and not as a curse. Happiness will not elude you if you take your focus away from meeting Mr. Right. Here are some tips in making that possible:

  1. Examine yourself closely and look for interests that you’ve been putting off in the past because of hindrances and responsibilities. You should be delighted that you are given the chance to fulfill your aspirations in life even at a later stage aside from getting married and having children. Traveling to a foreign land will be more comfortable when you are not bound in a marital relationship. This can also lead you to meet people who are more suitable for your present status.

  2. Get involved with community efforts for a quality neighborhood.

    This will lessen your down time, and you will be socially active by helping people. You will be preoccupied, but your heart will never feel empty because you are giving love to others by volunteering.

  3. If your place is conducive and you love animals, take on a pet to give you company. A cat will be very loving and cuddly. They can warm you, and they are good recipients of your emotions. Dogs can be your best friend also as highly publicized. Just take your pick, and you are not just giving yourself a favor but also these animals that need a home.

  4. Organize your schedule that you will always have something to look forward to on a weekly basis. It might be visiting family and friends or participating in worthwhile activities with other people. Social interactions are very important for human beings. You must not isolate yourself for a long time.

  5. Keep fit and take care of yourself. You are making yourself look good not for other people to see but for you to feel better. Depression is not likely when you don’t feel or look miserable.

  6. Never express your fear of being single forever to unfamiliar people. This will alert eligible bachelors to stay away from you. Do not let your charm fade away. Be enthusiastic with life and always face the day with a positive light.

  7. Bond with another single person to compare notes. You can be very honest in this kind of situation because you are both in the same boat.

  8. Develop your talents in writing, drawing, or anything that you can do alone with the utmost pleasure. You don’t have to be with someone to be happy. Happiness originates from the inside of yourself.

  9. Pamper yourself by availing yourself with gadgets, escapades, and luxuries that you never dreamed of to enjoy with or without a special someone. This can be the latest iPad model, a collection of your favorite musical records, or that holiday in that posh city.

How to cope being single is not that bad. In fact, it’s an opportunity for many in equipping their lives to be spiritually, morally, physically, and financially-inclined people for quality living in the future. Remember that one cannot have a happy marriage when he or she is not happy while single. Focus in developing yourself to be fulfilled first before opening your doors to a prospective life partner, if that is destined for you.


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