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how to cope with a breakup

how to cope with a breakup

Breaking up with your partner is difficult, especially if you have been together for years. The process of recovery can be emotionally and mentally draining. These emotional and mental stresses can be very overwhelming, particularly if you don’t have any ideas about how to cope with a breakup in all the right ways. A breakup should not in any way make you feel like it’s the end of the world. In other words, you have to think that there are still so many good things out there. A proper mindset, a proper attitude, and prayers can help you go through the pain. Read on below for some of the most effective coping mechanisms against heartaches:

  1. Turn to prayer. Many individuals regard praying as something so simplistic without even realizing that only God can send the best comfort you will ever need. Coping with a breakup through prayer is a very powerful mechanism that you can do anytime and anywhere. God is everywhere, and He is wide awake 24/7. God can hear you even if you are in the noisiest place on Earth.


    Talk to God as if He is right in front of you. Thank Him first for all the good things you have in life. Recognize His graces. Next, feel free to tell Him that you are seriously sad, angry, disappointed, or annoyed. Cry out to Him as much as you can. Then ask for His strength to let go and survive. Ask for and receive His assurances from the Bible that tomorrow will be brighter and refreshing because He promised.

  2. Allow yourself to grieve. Don’t deny the pain in your heart. Find strength by recognizing completely the hurt that you feel. Feelings like fear, anger, betrayal, and sorrow must be accepted before you get to understand the reasons for their occurrence. Later on you’ll find it easy to replace these emotions with positive energies.

  3. Don’t be hard on yourself. After losing your partner, it is normal for you not to be at your best. However, feeling low shouldn’t be a reason to be too hard on yourself. You can recover easily from your breakup by taking one step at a time. Choose to nurture yourself by taking breaks that relieve stress, such as having a sauna bath, a whole body massage, or listening to your favorite songs.

  4. Avoid the reminders of your previous love affair. Common reminders include photos and ordinary presents. Discard photos of yourself and your ex-partner. Stop wearing any jewelry given to you by your ex. If you see those things over and over again, it will only rekindle the past and aggravate the pain. You don’t have to throw them away; just keep them in a box and put it somewhere else.

  5. Watch movies. You can watch and enjoy any kind of movie, except romantic movies. Comedies, musicals, documentaries, science fiction, action, or fantasy movies are good choices. The more you watch movies, the more you are able to divert your attention.

  6. Sweat out a lot of stress. Go to the gym and do cardiovascular exercises to refresh your body and mind. Take a brisk walk every morning so you can breathe in some fresh air. If don’t know how to do yoga, it’s high time that you learn the different yoga poses. After every exercise, notice that you are feeling a lot better.

Learning how to cope with a breakup is important so you don’t end up crying over and over again becoming depressed and begin to think that life is no longer worth living. God is merciful, and He won’t leave you helpless. You may feel regret that your relationship has ended, but remember that you are not alone. Almost everyone has gone through a painful breakup. If they can survive the pain, then why can’t you? Keep your faith and everything will be just fine.


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