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how to cope with a broken heart

how to cope with a broken heart

Love is a feeling of personal attachment, deep affection, and fondness. People who are extremely attracted to the concept of love and not about the fact of being in love can hardly recover when they experience heartaches. They are too fearful of losing love without knowing that they have to love themselves first before they can give love to others. These are some of the many reasons why many individuals find it difficult with how to cope with a broken heart. One of the most painful experiences that anyone will ever have to face is a breakup. Losing your loved one can deeply hurt, even if the relationship was not so good. Certainly, you would not want to mourn for a lost love for the rest of your life. You have to come alive again and see the rest of the world. Here’s how to survive a broken a heart:

  1. Face the fact about rejection. It is easier said than done, but you have to stop thinking about the person even if everything seems to remind you of your love affair. Be determined not to think of the coffee cup or blanket you’ve shared together.

    o matter how hard, try not to recall how you were rejected. You are not pathetic, so believe that you will make it and your pain will be gone sooner.

  2. Do journaling. Writing down your emotions is a great way to release your heartaches, regrets, fears, and anxieties. It is only a matter of writing it all out of you into a journal. For a moment, it is better to talk about your feelings through writing. After a week or two, you can proceed to finding more ways to distract yourself from mourning. Remember, you can’t overdo your suffering.

  3. Breathe in some fresh air. No matter how painful you feel, you have to feed your brain with fresh air. You can’t keep on lying on your bed for the whole day thinking about the breakup over and over again. Go out and walk with your favorite pet. Take a stroll in the morning and appreciate the air that touches your skin. Do it for a couple of days to relieve your emotions.

  4. Rediscover the things that make you happy. You can divert your attention by going back to the things that you loved to do. Pursue them this time and make some improvements. If you love photography and you never had time to take some photos before, do it now. Maybe you would like to clean the house, rearrange the furniture, or repaint some of the walls. Doing these things can greatly distract your attention.

  5. Don’t forget to take good care of your body. It is a big no-no to ignore the needs of your body while recovering from pain. You certainly would not want to look miserable and pitiful. Take sauna baths and maintain your beauty regimen. You need to be kind to yourself so that when you have finally recovered and are ready to go out on a date again, you are still in perfect shape. If you have the tendency to eat too much when depressed, don’t give in to it.

A breakup could really hit you deeply, make you feel sad and bitter, but you don’t have to lose hope because there are ways for how to cope with a broken heart. Any or all of the tips enumerated above must be of help to lighten your sorrow. There is no better way to relieve your heartaches than to pour them out of your system while you hope for the better days to come. Just keep in mind that you deserve to be happy and you can do it.


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