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how to cope with a cancer diagnosis

how to cope with a cancer diagnosis

It’s a fact of life that negative circumstances can only be balanced with positive reactions. Yes, there’s still no official cure for cancer, but there’s a continuous emergence of cancer survivors claiming that they have beaten the disease. Indeed, if there’s smoke, there’s definitely fire! How to cope with a cancer diagnosis is best by using the utmost bravery and undying faith that you’ll get better someday. In addition to positive thinking, here’s how to deal with it:

  1. It is important not to be too emotionally affected when you hear the doctor’s diagnosis. Be factual about the disease and learn more about it. Know the conventional treatments available and the alternative approaches. Having someone on your side helps when you have your few initial sessions with your doctor. Do not hesitate asking for your doctor’s recommendations or whatever questions you have in mind.

  2. It’s better not to make your cancer diagnosis a secret from your loved ones. They will be your immediate source of moral support if not financial.

    ourself in isolation will add more stress that can worsen the problem. Family and friends can be of help if they are informed. They may know something useful to tackle the disease that we don’t know about.

  3. Be ready to do something with the expected changes your doctor warns you about. One side effect of chemotherapy and medications includes hair loss. Turn this ordeal into a positive by discovering some fashion accessories that you are comfortable with. Whatever you do in this area does not matter as long as you are happy with it, and the baldness does not stop you from your usual daily functions.

  4. Live healthy. Vegetables and fruits in the diet prove to be very beneficial to cancer patients. Get enough rest but also exercise regularly. You will need strong resistance and stamina as you go through the treatments. Do not allow stress to ruin your determination to survive. Healthy living is the key to a long-lasting, quality life with or without cancer.

  5. Create your support group. The more, the merrier. There may be a point during treatment that you will be too weak to handle your daily needs.  Accept volunteers from your circle of friends and family to chaperone you during hospital visits, cook you dinner, house cleaning, and do errands for you. Small, little things from other people can lighten the burden of your primary family, volunteer, or hired caregiver.

  6. Remember that the disease will never change who you are. If some people are indifferent towards you because of ignorance, don’t let it upset you. Do not be afraid to talk to other people with cancer. They are the perfect people to compare notes with. You can search for a cancer survivors’ network closest to you on the Internet.

  7. Do not neglect to check on your insurance policy. If coverage is discontinued because it’s connected with your work contract and you have to resign or are retired, new insurance will be difficult to obtain because of your medical record.  Inquire how the Family Medical Leave Act helps. The Americans with Disabilities Act will be another avenue to explore.

The strategies that will work on how to cope with a cancer diagnosis may differ from one cancer patient to the other, but one thing is for sure--whatever makes you feel better before the diagnosis can still do the same after you know that you have cancer. Do not neglect doing the activities that make you happy because these have tremendous effects on your well-being. Most importantly, stay away from stress.  


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