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how to cope with being a single mother

how to cope with being a single mother

Successful single mothers deserve to be applauded because how to cope with being a single mother is very challenging. A mother must be strong, talented, capable, and good-natured to be successful in this situation. With a little bit of planning, the difficulties can be eased up. This will involve making considerations with the resources you have, the things that you can do, and the help that you can get. Consider the following to help you out with your plans:

  1. Be prepared to double your tasks as the father and the mother of the child or children.

    Coping will be easier when you have accepted the fact that you are doing it alone. Do not linger on the devastation of a failed marriage or relationship. There is more to life than crying over spilled milk. You must condition yourself for the challenges ahead.

  2. Make use of technology when doing financial transactions. Register for an online bank account for bills to be settled online.

    Of course, you cannot do this without a computer and an Internet connection. It will save a lot of time doing this at home than leaving the house and beating the traffic just to make it on time. You will have another problem deciding on whether you should bring your child or hire a sitter if you choose to do it in person. You have to be wiser in making your moves now that you are doing it alone.

  3. Set up a system in the house to facilitate household chores. Young children can learn naturally by observing how you do things. You can do laundry at a specific time once a week using a washing machine, clean the house early in the morning, and undergo maintenance work before going to bed. Take out the garbage before the collection time, which should be scheduled regularly in your neighborhood. Cooking can be done once a day for the meals needed, and just refrigerate the rest for heating up later in the day. You can have systematic dishwashing also when you get a dishwasher.

  4. Aside from the financial and domestic needs, you ought to give quality time also for the children. Playing games with them, talking lovingly and helping them with their homework can fill in the gap of the missing person in their lives. There are many instances that children of single mothers are better off than those having both parents who are fighting all the time. If you have a demanding job that takes most of your time away from your children, consider hiring a house helper who can do the chores during the day while you take care of the children.

  5. No matter what your situation is with the father of the child or children, itÂ’s between the two of you. You will be at the wrong side in the eyes of your children when you are bitter and disrespectful with your ex-partner. Be diplomatic and do not brainwash your children with negative information about their father. Let them have their own experience with him. They should have the opportunity to get to know both sides to complete their well-being.

How to cope with being a single mother is very rewarding at a later stage. You will have the sole preference of your children when they reach adulthood. They are bound to take care of you when they are already able. They will have high regards for you when they become parents themselves. Most of all, the rewards are seemingly doubled when the children of single mothers become successful.


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