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How to Cope with Cancer

How to Cope with Cancer

Cancer has become one of the most feared words of today. It can potentially rob you of your life or the life of a loved one. Because of modern living, we have become immersed in overwhelming pollution, toxins, synthetic food, cosmetics and products that we take into or apply on our bodies, thereby infusing our systems with toxins it cannot expel. It has also become the norm to take up vices, like smoking and drinking, to deal with the stress of the so-called ‘rat race’ of life. All these circumstances of modern living bring us closer to that dreaded word: cancer. So, what if one day, you walk into the hospital complaining of fever or fatigue or joint pain. After some testing, the doctor then seats you down and very somberly delivers the news: you have cancer. How do you wrap your head around the enormity of it? How can one learn to cope with cancer? Firstly, the most important thing to know and always remember is that cancer, as scary as it may be, is NOT a death sentence. One need not break down in utter hopelessness after learning the news. There is always hope.

nd with all the medical advancements of modern medicine, there is always a treatment that can work for you. Here are some steps you can follow to cope with cancer:

  1. Have a support system. Cancer is a big fight for just one person. When a person is diagnosed with cancer, it is important that his/her family, friends and loved ones take in the implications of the diagnosis as well. Understand that what the person needs is support and not pity. Reassurance to continue the fight despite the pain and the difficulty must be constant. Help to still continue everyday life must be provided by the people in your immediate environment. Just knowing that you are not alone in this battle day in and day out is comfort enough to help you go on.

  2. Share the experience. Find and join a cancer group in your community. Nobody understands cancer better than those who are dealing with it and those who have survived it. Sharing experiences, fears and treatment options can reduce the emotional struggle of having cancer. It is also emotionally healing to know you are not alone and knowing other people understand exactly what it is that you are going through.

  3. Be confident with your treatment. Choosing your treatment is at your full discretion. Choose one that you are most confident of and most comfortable with. A treatment works best when you let it and when you believe in it.

  4. Fight the ignorance. Understand that cancer can come with certain false stigmas. Uninformed people, such as colleagues, neighbors or even friends, might think it contagious and try to avoid you at all costs. Firstly, try to not to take offense at this behavior. If given the chance, inform them of the truth of your disease.

  5. Live healthy. As with any disease, treatment works best when coupled with an active and healthy lifestyle. Don’t feed the cancer cells with bad food and by strapping yourself to a bed. Eat healthy and exercise as much as you can.

  6. Live life. Lastly, cancer is not nearly as debilitating as most people think it is. A lot of people with cancer can continue to live their normal lives, go to work and care for their families and loved ones. Treatments are even designed to allow you to do this. Do not let this sickness cripple you and prevent you from living. Live life fully and happily with or without cancer.

Knowing how to cope with cancer comes with knowing that cancer does not just affect the body, it affects emotions as well.


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