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how to cope with chemotherapy

how to cope with chemotherapy

If we list all the side effects of chemotherapy, like vomiting and hair loss, they are more or less the same. The difference is on how the patient is coping with them in terms of intensity, sensitivity, and irritability. The benefit of the procedure is not related to how you are affected with its side effects. Let your doctor know how you’re feeling because, as the cancer treatment advances, the remedies for their side effects also improve. You should be positive on how to cope with chemotherapy. Cancer patients have different recollections when asked about how soon they were able to feel something after their first chemotherapy session. There were lucky ones who did not feel anything at all during the first few hours. Whether it’s 12, 24, or 48 hours later; they all have different descriptions on what they were feeling. Nevertheless, one thing must be clear: the sufferings due to the side effects of chemotherapy must not surpass its benefits. If that’s not the case, the doctor must be alerted. The mind is stronger than the body.  Try the following strategies to ease the discomforts:

  1. Do the things that will give you relaxation.

    be it’s listening to music or reading your favorite novel. You may also want to learn some breathing techniques from yoga and meditation classes. Do not linger in crowded places because, by doing so, your energy will be drained. Stress and anxiety must be out of the picture. Occupy your mind with wonderful thoughts, and lay your eyes on beautiful things.

  2. There may be times that you are better off alone especially when resting, but never isolate yourself. Find a support group for cancer survivors. They are the best people to talk to about your ordeal because they’ve been there or are going through the same thing. It is more likely that you’ll discover better ways on how to survive the experience. The group will also be your diversion away from your circle of friends and family.

  3. Enjoy shopping for hair accessories before the chemotherapy. Anticipating the changes due to the treatment will make it easier for you to deal with them. Being prepared for what’s going to happen will not cause you any more anxiety. You might even have fun designing your own head scarf, hat, or perhaps wig if you intend to attend a special occasion after the treatment.

  4. Buy a full stock of the necessary food and drinks that will be helpful in relieving your discomforts. There may be times that you do not want to go out of the house after the chemotherapy due to diarrhea. It will be good to have apple juice and energy drinks to avoid dehydration. A complete meal including bananas, broth, apricots, and brown rice will also make you feel stronger. Toast, applesauce, and potatoes are good for breakfast.

  5. You may be feeling tired, but you have to do some exercise to energize your body and enhance your blood circulation. Do not do tough routines that you won’t enjoy. There’s a tendency that you’ll have more pain if you push yourself too much. Moving your muscles will help your body adjust more to the harmful effects of the medications. Think of it as your greatest achievement when you are able to walk around the garden even if your body does not cooperate.

The methods on how to cope with chemotherapy will generate positive results when the patient’s well-being cannot be compromised due to its readiness and willingness to go through the healing process. Emotional breakdowns will just worsen the situation and must be avoided.


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