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how to cope with the loss of a child

how to cope with the loss of a child

The birth of a child symbolizes a new beginning. An untimely death is exactly the opposite that will devastate the parents involved. How to cope with the loss of a child must be fully understood to be able to survive from the ordeal. Our body has a natural mechanism for extreme pain. The body goes numb when the pain cannot be tolerated anymore. This can prevent the brain from malfunctioning that can drive a person to madness. Consider the following to help you cope:

  1. Let the grieving time flow.  Do not put a limit into it or suppress it so that it will go away quickly. People have different ways to cope with bereavement. Go through the process naturally.

  2. You have to retain your good health while grieving. Never abuse yourself by turning to alcohol and prohibited drugs. These can make your problems worse than they already are. Keep your sanity because you will be nothing without it. And since you are still alive, you need to be normal to be able to be responsible for the rest of your living dependents.

    Do everything to take care of yourself first so that you can continue taking care of others.

  3. It is natural to feel the desire to grieve in private, but do not overdo this because this can isolate you from the rest of your loved ones. This will also push other people away who love you. Be comforted with their company. Tell yourself how lucky you are because you have people around that will always be there in times of need. You can also seek for a group of people who have lost their child in the past for support. If they can get over it, you can too.

  4. Do not stop the urge to seek more ways in learning more about coping with your loss. The pain can lead you to browse the Internet on how to ease the hurt felt. This is totally natural, and reading can help you feel better as well especially when you implement what you just learned about. Do not make drastic decisions at this time.

  5. Go through counseling with a notable grief therapist to help you deal with the circumstances. Prescriptions will be given also if you need medicines to help in overcoming anxiety or simply just to sleep. People who have a history of depression are more likely the ones who should undergo healing sessions with a therapist.

  6. Some people just don’t know how to help you. But if they have become offensive, just stay away from them for the time being. Do not put an end to any relationships while grieving because it is difficult to make sound decisions in moments like these.

  7. Know that there are other people who care for you, and you do not have to face the sufferings alone. Try not to think negatively, and do not pity yourself because this can happen to any parents and is beyond the control of anyone.

How to cope with the loss of a child can be very difficult without external help. Be open to suggestions from other people, but do not let them take control of your way of grieving. Only you know how much you should take to relieve yourself from the pain. Some parents find comfort in supporting good causes as a memorial in their child’s memory. There are charity foundations, cancer projects, and anti-abuse campaigns set up by parents who have lost their child through such diseases or accidents.  These are all good ways of coping with your grief.


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